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As you men­tion, it seems that al­most ev­ery day we hear ter­ri­ble sto­ries on the news of crimes com­mit­ted with knives, so be­ing sure that we’re op­er­at­ing care­fully on the right side of the law is more im­por­tant than ever. When I go hunt­ing, I place my ri­fle into the boot of the car and my knife with it. This im­me­di­ately shows that I’m be­ing cau­tious and re­spect­ful. The law says that we may trans­port knives as long as we have ‘good rea­son’, and trav­el­ling to a hunt­ing per­mis­sion is as good a rea­son as any. There are cer­tain types of knife that are ex­pressly for­bid­den but the kind of small blade that an air­gun hunter needs does not fall into that cat­e­gory. Please be sure to re­move your knife from your belt or pocket be­fore you travel home to avoid the mis­take I made some years ago. I stopped on my way home to buy milk from a cor­ner shop and sud­denly re­mem­bered that my knife was on my belt. Luck­ily noth­ing hap­pened, but I was ask­ing to get into trou­ble, so please don’t re­peat my mis­take. Ed.

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