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I thought I would share a sight im­prove­ment idea that I have used. It is aimed mainly at pis­tol CO2 shoot­ers, but works per­fectly well on ri­fle open sights. Most CO2 pis­tols have very ba­sic sights which can be dif­fi­cult to see/use in low light con­di­tions. I’m an archer as well as a pis­tol/ri­fle shooter, and I have used Beiter fi­bre- op­tic pins in my bow’s sight. These are a square sec­tion of rigid fi­bre- op­tic plas­tic that come in dif­fer­ent di­am­e­ters and are about 40mm in length. I have found that the 2.5mm size ( largest avail­able size) fits per­fectly onto a pis­tol front sight blade, al­though ri­fle open sights might re­quire a smaller size. They come in both red and green. Other makes are avail­able but only the Beiter Fi­bre Op­tic Sight pins are square.

Be­fore you glue them onto your sight blade, you will have to do a bit of prepa­ra­tion. You have to sand the top of the sight blade lightly, so that the glue ad­heres to it. Then cut the fi­bre- op­tic pin to the size you re­quire. They are rigid, so care must be taken when cut­ting them to size and I sug­gest that you prac­tise on the end you do not in­tend to use. I used a pair of dog nail- clip­pers to cut the fi­bre- op­tic pin be­cause they give you a good clean cut with­out de­form­ing the pin. You have to use the cor­rect type of glue, be­cause you are glu­ing plas­tic to metal, and I found that AAE fast set gel works per­fectly, and has the ben­e­fit of set­ting in only 30 sec­onds. As you can see from the pic­tures, when fin­ished this gives you a good-look­ing, ro­bust sight whilst en­hanc­ing your sight pic­ture by giv­ing a clear and bright aim­ing point. The best thing is, they only cost £1.75 each and are avail­able from most archery shops or eBay.

Hello I never cease to be amazed by the in­ge­nu­ity of our read­ers. This looks so sim­ple, yet ef­fec­tive, so well done you.

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