Air Gunner - - Safety First -

1. Never store a loaded airgun. Al­ways check that your airgun is un­loaded be­fore putting it into stor­age. ‘ Un­loaded’ means that there is no pel­let in the breech AND that the main­spring or ham­mer spring is at rest.

2. Store your airgun and pel­lets sep­a­rately. If an unau­tho­rised per­son does gain ac­cess to your airgun, then make sure that they don’t have the pel­lets as well.

3. Store your airgun and ac­ces­sories out of sight. Never leave your airgun where it can be seen through an out­side win­dow, or by ca­sual vis­i­tors. If trans­port­ing it in a car, either lock it out of sight in the boot, or cover it.

4. Do not store your airgun any­where that unau­tho­rised peo­ple, es­pe­cially young chil­dren, might gain ac­cess to it.

Own­ers will be li­able for a fine of up to £1000 if they do not take rea­son­able pre­cau­tions to stop unau­tho­rised ac­cess to their air­guns by peo­ple un­der the age of 18. Buy a lock­ing cab­i­net or lock the room con­tain­ing the airgun, or fit a trig­ger lock.

5. Con­sider whether there’s an easy way to ren­der your airgun in­ca­pable of be­ing fired.

Pro­pri­etary trig­ger locks and se­cu­rity chains/ hawsers aren’t too ex­pen­sive, and there are some­times other ways to pre­vent your airgun from be­ing fired, de­pend­ing on the type of airgun, such as un­screw­ing the bolt han­dle on some PCPs.

Never leave a loaded gun unat­tended

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