Air Gunner - - Safety First -

1. Never ex­ceed the rec­om­mended fill pres­sure of a PCP.

Apart from be­ing ex­tremely dan­ger­ous, over-fill­ing does not raise the power of the airgun, but usu­ally re­duces it and ruins the ac­cu­racy, so there is no point in ex­ceed­ing the rec­om­mended pres­sure.

2. Never fill a PCP with ANY gas other than breath­ing air.

No other gas, whether inert or not, is safe to use in a PCP. Fill only with clean, dry, breath­ing air, either us­ing a stir­rup pump, prefer­ably one fit­ted with a mois­ture trap, or an air bot­tle filled at a div­ing cen­tre. 3. Store your airgun and mag­a­zine sep­a­rately. If pos­si­ble, also store the mag­a­zine un­loaded, and sep­a­rate from pel­lets.

4. Store your air bot­tle se­curely out of reach of young chil­dren.

The bot­tle should be stored where there’s no chance of it be­ing knocked over, and if there are chil­dren in the house, prefer­ably un­der lock and key.

It’s wise to look into the breech to check that the bar­rel is n’t loaded as a ri­fle is handed to you

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