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Phill Price has fun with a P320 from SIG - a pis­tol with a 30-shot mag’!

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There are a lot of CO2 pis­tols on the mar­ket today and many of them of­fer rapid-fire fun, ei­ther from steel BBs or .177 lead pel­lets. The BB-fir­ers of­ten have big mag­a­zines, but are never as ac­cu­rate or hard hit­ting as a pel­let-fir­ing model. The trade off is that most pel­let-fir­ing pis­tols of­fer just eight or ten shots, so when SIG de­cided to en­ter the mar­ket they looked into a dif­fer­ent way of de­liv­er­ing pel­lets to the bar­rel.

It works like a chain with 30, yes I did write ‘30’, cham­bers to ac­cept pel­lets. Each time you pull the dou­ble-ac­tion trig­ger, it in­dexes the next cham­ber into align­ment with the bar­rel and then the blast of CO2 drives the pel­let out, down the bar­rel and into your tar­get. Thirty shots is a huge num­ber and means that you need to stop and reload far less fre­quently.

To load, you flip open a door on the front of the drop-out mag­a­zine and then press pel­lets in one at a time. Once you’ve filled all the ones you can see, you ro­tate the chain

“Although the sights are fixed, my sam­ple gun shot to point of aim at six yards”

to ex­pose the ones that were hid­den at the top. You can feel that each cham­ber holds the pel­lets tightly so they’re se­cure as they travel around in­side the mag­a­zine’s body. The loaded mag’ slots into the well in­side the pis­tol grip in a very con­ven­tional man­ner.


The pis­tol has a lovely feel and han­dles like a dream, com­ing on aim with no fuss or need to ad­just your grip to find the sights. Although the sights are fixed, my sam­ple gun shot to point of aim at six yards, with the good old We­b­ley Mos­quito, straight from the box. I of­ten find it best to use pel­lets that are quite light in CO2 pis­tols be­cause they seem to de­liver the best per­for­mance.

Be­ing a blow-back ac­tion, there’s a good snap of re­coil as each shot is fired, but if you try to shoot all 30 pel­lets in a string, you can feel the cool­ing ef­fect of the CO2 ex­pand­ing and slow­ing the shot cy­cle by the end. Un­for­tu­nately, the tem­per­a­ture was hov­er­ing around the freez­ing mark on my win­ter test day, and that slows down every CO2 pis­tol, but I was still able to empty the whole mag’ful in one go. In warmer weather this will be less of an is­sue.

It’s clear that SIG is keen to make its mark in the air­gun scene with at­trac­tive and in­no­va­tive guns such as this. I ap­plaud them for find­ing new and dif­fer­ent ways of de­liv­er­ing pel­lets that give us more time shoot­ing and less time reload­ing.

The sights were spot on for me with the We­b­ley Mos­quito pel­lets

It’s a great look­ing pis­tol with han­dling to match

Load­ing 30 pel­lets takes a while but is easy to do

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