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Fig­ure 1: We­b­ley Seniors Top four, early ‘30s old frame mod­els. Left: se­rial no. S4601; cen­tre: S2027; right: S1784 with che­quered wal­nut grips, right side cylin­der marked: ‘A. F. Stoeger Inc New York Sole U. S. Agents’ and S5637. Lower six, new frame mod­els from Dec. 1935. Se­rial nos. S11781; S7097; S7272; S15184; S16616 and S15447. [Au­thor’s Col­lec­tion]

Fig­ure 2: We­b­ley’s 1934/5 il­lus­tra­tion shows an intermediate air pis­tol cocked. Un­known as a pro­duc­tion model as it still re­tained the long bar­rel of ear­lier, old frame Seniors and the trig­ger ad­just­ing screw seen on the ear­li­est mod­els and ex­act slant grip shape un­fi­nalised. [We­b­ley Archives]

Fig­ure 3: Later line il­lus­tra­tion used in small, semi-dis­play ad­ver­tise­ments from De­cem­ber 1935 to re­al­is­ti­cally rep­re­sent the fully de­vel­oped slant grip Se­nior model. [We­b­ley Archives]

Fig­ure 4: Early Slant grip model ‘ Seniors’ with­out cord­ing to the grip frames. Top: Se­rial no. S7097 with hol­ster made by the pre­vi­ous owner, a re­tired sad­dler who sold me the pis­tol for five pounds in the early 1970s. Lower: Se­nior no. S7272. [Au­thor’s Col­lec­tion]

Fig­ure 5: We­b­ley ‘ Se­nior’ se­rial no. S11781. .22 cal­i­bre with sur­viv­ing pel­let en­ve­lope, spare wash­ers and un­worn brush, housed in orig­i­nal card­board box. [ Au­thor’s Col­lec­tion]

Fig­ure 6: Pub­lic­ity photo for the new We­b­ley slant grip Se­nior by Mon­ger & Marchant, com­mer­cial pho­tog­ra­phers, Lon­don. The se­rial num­ber of the early slant grip pis­tol fea­tured in the photo- shoot was S7652. [We­b­ley Archives]

Fig­ure 7: A gen­uine We­b­ley oil can ac­com­pa­ny­ing an orange, June 1938 We­b­ley cat­a­logue and two We­b­ley Ser­vice Mk. II air ri­fles I bought in the mid 1970s. The la­bel is, how­ever, a re­pro­duc­tion with a sub­tle change to one of the quo­ta­tion marks - or ‘speech marks’ to iden­tify it as such. [ Au­thor’s Col­lec­tion]

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