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Wel­come to the sum­mer edi­tion of Air Gun­ner in which you find me in a good mood. I’ve re­ceived a num­ber of let­ters from read­ers re­cently, thank­ing me for the di­rec­tion that Air Gun­ner is tak­ing, and I’m flat­tered and hon­oured that those peo­ple took the time to write. How­ever, the thanks also be­long to all those who com­pleted our reader sur­vey be­cause with­out their in­put how could I know what you all want to read? I’m also de­lighted to be given in­put through emails or even the through the good old postal ser­vice at any time. This is your mag­a­zine and it’s my job to give you what you want from it. The win­ner of the sur­vey prize, Stu­art Woodliffe, has writ­ten to me to say that the scope has ar­rived and that he’s a happy reader, so well done to him and thank you for fill­ing in the sur­vey. Many, if not most of the ar­ti­cles that you’ll read this month have been writ­ten with the guid­ance the sur­vey gave and I hope that you’ll en­joy them all the more be­cause of that.

I hope each and ev­ery is­sue en­cour­ages you to get out and en­joy your air­guns in which­ever part of our great sport makes you happy. Char­lie has an­other batch of plink­ing games to share on page 29, most of which cost al­most noth­ing, adding to their plea­sure. This came about be­cause many of you said that you like good old- fash­ioned plink­ing just as much as hunt­ing or com­pe­ti­tions, so that’s what you’ll see. Of course, you’ll find plenty of hunt­ing ad­vice from your favourite writ­ers, along­side tips and tech­ni­cal ar­ti­cles, so I hope that there re­ally is some­thing for ev­ery­body. Ed.

I’m al­ways happy to hear what you want from your mag­a­zine


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