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I’ve no­ticed in pho­to­graphs that when you shoot a springer it looks like you’re hardly grip­ping the stock at all. I’ve been told that I should grip springers firmly to con­trol the re­coil if I want to be ac­cu­rate. If you don’t grip it prop­erly it will jump around too much. Who is right? LARRY AN­DREWS

Hello Larry This ar­gu­ment has gone on for years, but I’m firmly of the opin­ion that the light­est hold pos­si­ble is best if you want to be ac­cu­rate con­sis­tently. The rea­son for this is that the way we hold a springer af­fects the way it re­coils, and there­fore, where the pel­let lands. So, if you grip it tightly for one shot and loosely for the next, the pel­let’s point of im­pact will change. If you hold it very lightly for ev­ery shot, they’re more likely to be sim­i­lar and your ac­cu­racy will im­prove. Please try it for your­self and you’ll see what I mean. Ed

A light grip will help you to be con­sis­tent when shoot­ing springers

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