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Dear Phill I saw an ar­ti­cle re­cently where you’d added camo tape to a PCP that had a camo stock and scope al­ready, and I think it looked great. How long did it take you and how much did the tape cost? Also, do you thing that it was worth all the ef­fort? I’m not sure that our quarry can recog­nise a piece of metal as a threat, so what’s the point? TOM ROGERS Hello Tom I take your point and I guess that we’ll never know ex­actly what our quarry sees and how they re­act to it. How­ever, I be­lieve that the point of cam­ou­flage is to help us blend into the back­ground so that we don’t at­tract at­ten­tion of any kind. Sun­shine re­flect­ing off pol­ished metal might just catch a pi­geon’s eye and make it look our way, so our chance of a shot could be lost. It took me less than half an hour to add the tape to the ri­fle and I’d es­ti­mate that I used about £1.50 worth of ma­te­ri­als, so it’s not too ex­pen­sive to do. Ul­ti­mately, cam­ou­flage isn’t nec­es­sary, but if it helps even a lit­tle bit it’s worth the ef­fort for me. Ed

The camo tape didn’t take long to ap­ply and added to my con­fi­dence in the field

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