Can this lit­tle knife be a proper work­ing tool? The ed­i­tor asks

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The ed­i­tor proves that a small, but ro­bust knife can be a proper work­ing tool

Many years ago, I had a shoot­ing friend who had a pest con­trol busi­ness that tried to keep the rab­bit num­bers down on many farms and com­mer­cial ar­eas, most no­tably golf cour­ses. Back then, rab­bits in our part of Eng­land were in epic num­bers and we’d of­ten shoot more than 100 per night from the win­dows of his 4x4. Of course, this also meant gut­ting 100-plus rab­bits at four o’clock in the morn­ing, which wasn’t my favourite part, but as he sold ev­ery one at farm­ers’ mar­kets, gut­ting and cool­ing the bod­ies was a very im­por­tant job. In all the time I knew him, and through all the thou­sands of rab­bits we pro­cessed, he al­ways used just one knife, a Ger­ber Ul­tra­light LST. I went through dozens of blades look­ing for a bet­ter tool for this tricky and tir­ing job, but Andy was al­ways faith­ful to the lit­tle Ger­ber.

I once asked him why he used such a small knife when he had hands like bunches of ba­nanas and the an­swer was, it was so small and light that he left it in his pocket with his change wher­ever he went. In other words, he couldn’t for­get it, un­like al­most ev­ery other thing we needed. It also locked, so it couldn’t fold up on his fin­gers. He was what I call a ‘ big old farm boy’ and to be blunt, he could have bro­ken a ham­mer, yet the Ul­tra­light sur­vived and I re­mem­ber be­ing so im­pressed that it had beaten him for all those years.


The han­dle is moulded from glass-filled ny­lon that seems as tough as nails, and the 2” long, drop-point blade is made from the tried and trusted 420HC stain­less steel. This has been an in­dus­try stan­dard for decades be­cause it’s tough, not dif­fi­cult to sharpen, yet holds a keen edge. Those of you who have gut­ted lots of fur bear­ers will know that your finely honed edge is quickly blunted by fur, and yet Andy’s Ul­tra­light would split the belly of 50-plus rab­bits a night with no prob­lem.

It must be re­mem­bered that any fold­ing blade that locks, no mat­ter the length, can­not be car­ried in pub­lic to­day with­out rea­son­able cause, so don’t fol­low Andy’s ex­am­ple and you’ll stay on the right side of the law.

The Ger­ber Ul­tra­light LST might not be the most vis­ually im­pres­sive or ex­cit­ing knife that I’ve ever re­viewed, but I’d love to own one. De­spite its diminu­tive pro­por­tions, it’s a proper work­ing tool that will al­ways be on hand and sharp enough to get the work done, as Andy proved to me time and again.

“Andy’s Ul­tra­light would split the belly of 50 rab­bits a night with no prob­lem”

This might be a small knife but it’s a proper work­ing tool

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