The ed­i­tor finds a truly por­ta­ble chrono­graph for the masses

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The ed­i­tor tries out the Bal­lis­ti­cally Bril­liant Chrono­graph from the Shoot­ing Party - com­pact, and so easy to use

As I hope you all know, we live in a coun­try in which the max­i­mum amount of power our airguns make is re­stricted by law and that is our duty to en­sure that our guns never ex­ceed this. For ri­fles, the limit is 12 ft.lbs. and for pis­tols 6 ft.lbs and the ONLY way to check it is with a chrono­graph that mea­sures the speed of the pel­let as it leaves the muz­zle. This fig­ure, cal­cu­lated with the pel­let’s weight, tells us the vi­tal in­for­ma­tion we need, and be­cause of this I’m happy to see The Shoot­ing Party of­fer­ing their ‘ Bal­lis­ti­cally Bril­liant Chrono­graph’ (BBC). Apart from be­ing very clever, it’s avail­able at a pretty mod­est price, so more air­gun­ners will find them­selves able to own one.

One of its best fea­tures is that it’s fully self- con­tained, run­ning on an in-built rechar­gable bat­tery, so you can do your test­ing any­where you like with­out the need to be near mains power. It’s truly tiny at just 4” long, and weighs next to noth­ing, so could be car­ried to the shoot­ing range with ease. I also like the fact that it has its own light sources for the sen­sors, rather than ‘sky screens’ that can be an­noy­ingly af­fected by chang­ing weather con­di­tions.


I ran a side-by-side test with my ex­pen­sive, pro­fes­sional qual­ity chrono­graph and it agreed with the BBC within the ad­ver­tised <+1.3%, read­ing just slightly higher on av­er­age. It can record your strings of fire and also stores the time of day, the rate of fire, plus the tem­per­a­ture and hu­mid­ity at that mo­ment. The lat­ter data will be very use­ful for later com­par­i­son, es­pe­cially on tem­per­a­ture sen­si­tive guns like CO2 mod­els, when even a few de­grees of dif­fer­ence in the am­bi­ent tem­per­a­ture can make a big dif­fer­ence. Those who re­ally like to an­a­lyse and store their test re­sults can down­load the data to com­puter with the cable supplied via a free soft­ware ap­pli­ca­tion.

As it’s so easy to trans­port, I was glad to see that the hous­ing is all-metal, so I ex­pect that it could sur­vive a knock or two with­out break­ing. Great cau­tion is needed when shoot­ing through any chrono’ and with the aper­ture here at just 32 x 37mm, you’d bet­ter be sure you’re cor­rectly aligned be­fore you pull the trig­ger. That be­ing said, I had no prob­lems at all and got a good read­ing from ev­ery shot.

The BBC is a great lit­tle tool that will make power- check­ing guns easy, and it’s avail­able to so many more peo­ple than be­fore. I know the first batch sold out, and lots more will be ar­riv­ing as you read this, so you won’t be dis­ap­pointed when you go to find one.

De­spite all the clever fea­tures, it’s truly tiny The ve­loc­ity read out is nice and clear and evenhas a back light

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