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Springers or PCPs? The ed­i­tor gives his opin­ion – what do you think?

The on­go­ing de­bate about springers be­ing bet­ter than pre- charged pneu­mat­ics ( PCPs) should get well and truly revved up by this month’s is­sue. I’ve al­ways tried to stay neu­tral on this topic, with the view that if you like one or the other, then you should en­joy your cho­sen gun and ig­nore what other peo­ple say. How­ever, when pressed I will be hon­est and say that I shoot PCPs all the time. I own one springer for the sim­ple rea­son that it’s a true clas­sic and one I wished I’d been able to own when I started my air­gun­ning life. The Weihrauch HW35E is a thing of true beauty and it will be in my gun safe as long as I live, but for all my se­ri­ous shoot­ing I use PCPs. There, I’ve said it now, and I have no re­grets be­cause PCPs suit my needs.

Top HFT com­peti­tor Gary Chilling­worth is putting a break­bar­rel head to head against an un­der­lever on page 37 in a tough test, with some very in­ter­est­ing re­sults. Many have as­sumed that the out­come of that com­pe­ti­tion was easy to see, but you might well be sur­prised. You’re go­ing to want to read that one, I’m cer­tain. Char­lie Port­lock, a life­long springer devo­tee has been seen hold­ing a PCP on and off for a good while now. He’s go­ing to tell you what he has de­cided about its per­for­mance and I know that many of you will be truly shocked by his con­clu­sion. He’s a deep thinker and never one to jump to con­clu­sions, so this ar­ti­cle will re­ally rock the boat! I can al­ready imag­ine the storm of let­ters com­ing in about those two ar­ti­cles, so get ready for a con­tro­ver­sial is­sue. Ed.

Are PCPs bet­ter than springers? The de­bate goes on

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