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Read­ing Char­lie Port­lock’s ‘Re­ac­tive Range’ ar­ti­cle, about blat­ting away at mints or in­di­ges­tion tablets, in­spired me to share the type of tar­gets that give great plea­sure on our range. Though I’m happy with my nick­name ‘Mr Plink’, and am amused when shoot­ers ask me what I’ve brought this time … there are only so many steak and kid­ney pies I can eat for the tins. Tony’s daugh­ter saves her aerosols, leav­ing a bit of per­fume in the bot­tom so the range smells lovely for a short time ‘Men can’t help plink­ing on Im­pulse?’ Jimmy brought a poly­styrene hair­dresser’s dummy – slightly ironic be­cause he is bald. John has gone eco-friendly re­plac­ing all his bulbs with low- en­ergy ones. You can guess what hap­pens to the old ones – of course, we put a blan­ket down. For the World Cup sev­eral drinks brands have brought out lim­ited edi­tion metal bot­tles (pic­tured) and you see my lat­est skip raid pro­vided the bee gar­den or­na­ment. It is sprung so shakes its head dis­ap­prov­ingly when shot. New mem­bers al­ways ask per­mis­sion to shoot at my tar­gets and the an­swer is al­ways, ‘Of course, go for it be­cause this is half the fun.’ With a bit of imag­i­na­tion and the small­est ex­pense – for ex­am­ple, neon sprays from a £1 shop – you can re­pur­pose many aban­doned items. I hope the read­ers will keep their sug­ges­tions com­ing. ANDY ED­WARDS

Hello Andy It looks like you know how to have fun and your let­ter goes to show how many tar­gets can be found in your dust­bin. I’m sure you’re care­ful with any­thing sharp and I hope you re­cy­cle ev­ery­thing you can, too. Also, please be care­ful with aerosols be­cause they can fly about if they still have pres­sure in­side when they’re punc­tured. Like many of our read­ers I can tell that hav­ing fun is what shoot­ing is all about for you and your club­mates, and long may you con­tinue to do so. Ed.

All kind of fun tar­gets can be found in the rub­bish bin

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