Mark Camoc­cio tells us why car­ing for our guns re­pays our ef­forts

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Love your shoot­ing? Then look af­ter your equip­ment, says Mark Camoc­cio

I’ ve said it many times, but it re­ally is the case that the shoot­ing sports can be en­joyed on any level and that, of course, is part of the at­trac­tion, but as with many ac­tiv­i­ties, for those of us who take their fun se­ri­ously, there are a few ba­sic checks and pro­ce­dures that can make all the dif­fer­ence. Keep your kit in tip- top con­di­tion, and it’s un­likely to let you down when it mat­ters most. So, here’s my ba­sic check list for keep­ing all our hard­ware in good work­ing or­der:


Shoot for any length of time in a dusty en­vi­ron­ment, be that a dry, wooded area or in­side an old farm build­ing, and the dirt will be­gin to leave de­posits on the gun. I shoot HFT reg­u­larly, and stan­dard prac­tice now is to carry a gun case round the course and slip the ri­fle away be­tween lanes. Ob­vi­ously, this pro­tects from rain, but also ex­cess dirt. It still builds up, so pe­ri­od­i­cally, or af­ter the sea­son fin­ishes at least, re­move the gun’s stock and clean off any dirt, then oil over the hid­den sec­tion of the ac­tion.


OK, it’s ba­sic stuff, but it re­ally is key that we oil the gun, af­ter ev­ery shoot­ing ses­sion. Chem­i­cal blu­ing, used as a tra­di­tional fin­ish on our ri­fles, is no pro­tec­tion from the el­e­ments, and whilst it looks great when prop­erly ap­plied, it needs look­ing af­ter. Even the acid in our sweaty palms can cause rust, but the sim­ple an­swer is to keep a small rag in a bag, which is coated in a thin gun oil, de­signed for the job – avoid sil­i­cone oils. I’ve al­ways used Ex­press Gun Oil, an old Parker Hale prod­uct, but there are many al­ter­na­tives. Just give all the met­al­work a good wipe over be­fore you put the gun away, and rust shouldn’t be a prob­lem.


It’s stat­ing the ob­vi­ous, but the pel­let is the key link be­tween the ri­fle and shooter, and if this is com­pro­mised, re­sults will never be sat­is­fac­tory. Of course, if you’re a happy plinker, con­tent just to grab the ri­fle and tin of pel­lets and get down to busi­ness, then fine, but for those of us who glean a level of sat­is­fac­tion from push­ing for ul­ti­mate ac­cu­racy, tak­ing care of the pre­ci­sion lead pro­jec­tile is a pre­req­ui­site to suc­cess.

Whether an ob­ses­sive HFT

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