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If you’d like to at­tach your smart- phone to your ri­fle scope, Dis­cov­ery Op­tics has the an­swer. It uses a tube that locks on with a col­let that you slip over the oc­u­lar bell of your scope and then at­tach ei­ther an SPHC phone- spe­cific case holder or their UPHC uni­ver­sal phone holder that can ac­cept any smart­phone in­clud­ing many of the very large ones. Once fit­ted, you can video your shots and with a PCP re­coil­less ri­fle even use it to aim. Af­ter set­ting it up once, fit­ting and re­moval is quick and easy there­after, and you’ll soon be show­ing your friends your suc­cess­ful shots. RRP SPHC £49.99 UPHC £ 59.99 www.dis­cov­ery­op­

The SPHC adap­tor is spe­cific to each par­tic­u­lar phone

The UPHC adap­tor ac­cepts all phones, even the re­ally big ones

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