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I’ve just re­ceived Septem­ber’s is­sue of Air Gun­ner and read the let­ter about a home­made re­ac­tive tar­get. I too have done this years ago on knock- downs and in re­ply to whether the blanks fly out when hit, I found that the blanks have a sim­i­lar prop­erty to a rivet, where it ex­pands in the hole, hold­ing it firmly.

An­other great read by the way. WAYNE

The ed­i­tor asked Wayne:

That’s very in­ter­est­ing to me that the blank re­tains it­self in the steel tar­get, from your ex­pe­ri­ence. Does that mean that you need a punch to get them out or is hand strength suf­fi­cient?

Wayne an­swered:

Some­times you could pull them out with your finger nails be­cause the thick­ness of the tar­get plate is sub­stan­tial. The swelling holds firm.

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