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Not all precharged pneu­matic air­guns have sep­a­rate reg­u­la­tors, but most run what are known as ‘self- reg­u­lat­ing valves’ that ad­just to the chang­ing pres­sure in the air­gun’s air stor­age reser­voir. A reg­u­la­tor is an ad­di­tional de­vice that dis­penses a sim­i­lar amount of air pres­sure for each shot, pro­mot­ing shot- toshot con­sis­tency and there­fore con­sis­tent ac­cu­racy down­range. With­out a reg­u­la­tor, and de­spite the ef­fect of the self- reg­u­lat­ing valve, a PCP will pro­duce what is known as a ‘power curve’, as the pres­sure in the air reser­voir drops. Users of non- reg­u­lated precharged pneu­matic air­guns are ad­vised to test their guns un­til they dis­cover the ‘flat­test’ part of the power curve, which is where the most con­sis­tent series of shots will be found. This can be most ac­cu­rately acheived with a chrono’, but sim­ply shoot­ing at pa­per tar­gets and not­ing pel­let drop- off will work too.

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