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These days, most PCPs of­fer multi- shot ca­pa­bil­ity via the use of re­mov­able mag­a­zines that shut­tle pel­lets to the breech as the air­gun is cocked. Var­i­ous magazine sys­tems are in use but the one fac­tor all mag­a­zines have in com­mon, is the need to keep them clean and free from dirt and grit. Con­tam­i­nated mag­a­zines will of­ten mal­func­tion and fail to feed a pel­let, so don’t keep them in a gritty, dusty pocket of your hunt­ing jacket, un­less they’re in­side a clean con­tainer of some sort. A zip-lock freezer bag is per­fect and can hold sev­eral mag­a­zines.

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