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Scott Coun­try al­ways have some­thing new and they’ve just shown us pic­tures of a very in­ter­est­ing night- vi­sion de­vice that fits on the oc­u­lar bell of any day scope. It’s called the Ar­m­a­site Spark Core and ap­par­ently, it con­tains ‘ce­ramic op­ti­cal ruggedi­zed en­gine, im­age- in­ten­si­fier’ tech­nol­ogy. This is de­signed to make it strong and durable and of­fer im­age qual­ity that ri­vals high- end Gen 2 night vi­sion, which is quite some claim. As you can see from the photos, it can swing out of the way when not needed and then brought in line within sec­onds as night falls. It can also be re­moved and used as a hand- held spot­ter, adding ver­sa­til­ity. We’re look­ing forward to test­ing this be­cause it re­ally does look like the best of both worlds for day and night hunt­ing, and re­moves the need to swap op­tics on your ri­fle. It’s also very at­trac­tively priced at £ 469.99 for the scope and a fur­ther £ 69.99 for the mount.

This tiny add- on night- vi­sion unit looks like a game changer

Here we see the NV unit folded aside when not needed

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