Phill Price finds a small but pow­er­ful head­torch from Stream­line

The editor finds a re­ally use­ful light for the dark­en­ing evenings

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“it feels like some­body turn­ing the light on in a room, so even is the out­put”

A s the dark evenings are drawl­ing in, I’ve dusted off my head torch re­cently and re­mem­bered just what a use­ful friend it is. There are so many times you need to have both hands free and enough light to see what you’re do­ing. If you’re a prac­ti­cal coun­try per­son and you don’t own a head torch, you’re miss­ing out on a re­ally use­ful tool. Vik­ing Arms re­cently sent me an ul­tra- com­pact, yet high per­for­mance head torch from Stream­light, a light­ing com­pany I’ve only come across now and then.

The Ban­dit is ex­tremely small and light, which ap­peals to me as a light that could be car­ried un­no­ticed in a jacket pocket to be on hand ev­ery time it’s needed. The cas­ing and strap are very min­i­mal, as are the con­trols and op­tions. A quick press of the but­ton gives you 30 lu­mens of white light, whilst a fur­ther press in­creases that to 180 lu­mens, to light the path in front of your feet well enough to walk safely on rough ground. I was truly im­pressed with the even spread of the beam and the light’s colour ren­di­tion – a pho­tog­ra­pher’s way of say­ing ‘ the colours of ob­jects look like they do in day­light’. This made spot­ting shot rab­bits in wet grass far eas­ier than with lesser lamps.


The out­put is en­gi­neered as a flood pat­tern, not a long- range pen­cil beam for spot­ting rab­bits across a pad­dock. There are plenty of head torches for that job, but they’re big, heavy and ex­pen­sive and not what the Ban­dit was de­signed for. The Ban­dit’s out­put is al­most spooky, in that it feels like some­body turn­ing the light on in a room, so even is the out­put. I’ve never used any­thing like it.

It’s sup­plied with a nar­row elas­tic head band, and a clip that al­lows it to be at­tached to the peak of a base­ball cap. This also al­lows the an­gle to be changed which I though would be very use­ful. How­ever, be­cause the Ban­dit can do its ‘magic flood’ trick, chang­ing the lamp’s an­gle makes lit­tle dif­fer­ence. The USB rechar­gable Li- Poly bat­tery de­liv­ers a claimed 9½ hours on the low set­ting, and 2 hours at full power and the unit is weath­er­proof and shock­proof, so will sur­vive some proper out­door use. I con­fess my­self im­pressed and a lit­tle sur­prised. You see, I’ve used dozens of head torches in my life, but this great lit­tle unit is re­ally some­thing spe­cial and one I’d very hap­pily use.

BE­LOW: De­spite the power out­put this is a truly tiny lamp

RIGHT: A sin­gle but­ton con­trols the op­tions

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