Mark Camoccio tests a cou­ple of ex­cel­lent lamp­ing kits from Clu­son

Mark Camoccio is see­ing the light in more ways than one

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L amp­ing kit is one area where we can re­ally see a dif­fer­ence, with to­day’s gun- mounted lamps a far cry from those crude ar­range­ments of old. I re­mem­ber ex­pe­di­tions into the field, when some­body had to hold the power pack – some­thing akin to a car bat­tery in both size and weight – whilst the other per­son took the shot, free from such en­cum­ber­ing para­pher­na­lia. To­day’s hard­ware leaves all that be­hind, and com­pa­nies such as Clu­son En­gi­neer­ing, are at the fore­front of the tech­nol­ogy, with their pop­u­lar Clulite range of spe­cial­ist lamps.


The Clulite Su­per Bright LED Gunlight comes sup­plied as a full kit; there’s the torch­light it­self, the gun­mount­ing assembly, recharge­able bat­tery, car charger, mains charger, tail­cap switch, and also the remote stock switch. The lamp body is man­u­fac­tured from air­craft grade alu­minium, and is black an­odised, giv­ing it a high- qual­ity look and feel. It’s also wa­ter­proofed, so fully pro­tected from the el­e­ments. The gun- mount­ing assembly is formed from plas­tic/syn­thetic com­pound, which helps to re­duce weight, yet again feels well made.


In the smaller box, of the Clulite White Eye Gunlight, all the same com­po­nents are in­cluded;

the gun-mount­ing assembly, recharge­able bat­tery, mains charger, tail­cap switch, and also the remote stock switch, ex­cept with this lamp, you don’t get the car charger as standard.


Next comes some ba­sic prepa­ra­tion, and that means charg­ing the Li- ion 3.7v bat­tery, which comes sup­plied with both lamps. The Su­per Bright LED Gunlight takes four hours to recharge the bat­tery fully from empty. Just snap the bat­tery into its slot, the red light shows, and then time it for the du­ra­tion. The charger au­to­mat­i­cally cuts out when fully charged, but it’s worth not­ing that the charger light stays lit red and doesn’t change colour through­out the process.

On the White Eye Gunlight, the charger still au­to­mat­i­cally cuts out when fully charged, this time af­ter six hours max from empty, but this model shows red to charge, and this will change to green when fin­ished.


Next we need to fix the lamps in po­si­tion and both come with the iden­ti­cal clamp, as men­tioned, so the process is the same. Fix the torch body to the ri­fle’s scope us­ing the gun- mounted clamp, and if fix­ing to a one- inch scope tube, first snap the in­ner plas­tic ring, which comes sup­plied, onto the scope tube body, then tighten the jaws of the gun clamp assembly over the ring un­til fin­ger tight. Now un­screw the main torch clamp­ing ring, sit the torch in the clamp and re- tighten. When the bat­tery is fully charged, un­screw the rear sec­tion of the torch, drop the bat­tery in and screw back in place again. Both kits in­clude a tail­switch, which car­ries a pres­sure switch at the rear, but also the op­tion of the remote pres­sure switch, which also screws into the rear of the lamp. Fancy this op­tion, and you first need to stick the Vel­cro panel to the gun’s stock. The remote gun switch can then be tem­po­rar­ily stuck to it.


The Clulite clamp fea­tures an ex­cel­lent ball joint at the top, and this means that the torch can be an­gled and ma­noeu­vred any which way, adding great flex­i­bil­ity. The choice is yours, and with a full 360

de­grees ro­ta­tion pos­si­ble, both de­signs are supremely flex­i­ble.

Ef­fec­tive range of the Su­per Bright LED Gunlight is spec­i­fied at around 175m, and 125m as com­fort­able shoot­ing range. Ob­vi­ously, if air­gun hunt­ing, quarry dis­tances will be dra­mat­i­cally closer, but hav­ing the abil­ity to scan the vicin­ity ef­fi­ciently can make a big dif­fer­ence. The White Eye Gunlight has a huge ad­van­tage in lu­mens out­put on pa­per, so it’s hardly sur­pris­ing that its spec­i­fied ef­fec­tive beam dis­tance comes in much higher, at 300m!

With both lamps, high and low beam is con­trolled via the pres­sure switch, once the lamp is ini­tially switched on, and an ad­di­tional press of the switch tog­gles be­tween the two lev­els. The Su­perBright LED gunlight worked a treat, with the beam di­rec­tional as men­tioned, and once I com­pared the White Eye Gunlight model along­side, the ob­vi­ous ad­van­tage in su­per- bright­ness just won me over. Nei­ther lamp al­lows for the beam spread to be al­tered as with some de­signs, but they re­ally get a mas­sive thumbs up for ease of use and per­for­mance over­all.

Op­tional colour fil­ters are avail­able as a set for the Su­per Bright LED Gunlight (red, am­ber, green, blue, and yel­low) whilst sep­a­rate front as­sem­blies can be or­dered for the White Eye – red, green, an IR LED, or even a 1000 lu­men LED assembly.


Clu­son clearly know their stuff in this mar­ket, and it’s not dif­fi­cult to see why they have built up such a rep­u­ta­tion be­cause both kits here are straight­for­ward, well thought out, and very well made. The Su­per Bright LED Gunlight is a nice ,ul­tra­lightweight op­tion, with plenty of per­for­mance, but given the mar­ginal price dif­fer­en­tial, and the mas­sive in­crease in per­for­mance from the White Eye Gunlight, the slightly heav­ier model would be an easy choice for me.

Us­ing the Su­per Bright Gunlight was a plea­sure

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