The editor is im­pressed by the Rapier rangefinder from MTC Op­tics

Has the editor found the laser rangefinder to ful­fil his needs?

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Be­cause I un­der­stand just how dra­mat­i­cally range af­fects our pel­lets’ tra­jec­tory, I find a laser rangefinder in­valu­able when I’m hunt­ing. Pre­ci­sion shot place­ment is the only thing that can achieve a clean, eth­i­cal kill, so I’ll use ev­ery bit of tech­no­log­i­cal ad­van­tage I can buy to help me achieve that. As reg­u­lar read­ers will re­mem­ber, I re­cently stud­ied the ef­fect that shoot­ing up­wards has on our pel­lets, so know­ing the range and el­e­va­tion an­gle is vi­tal data that I can put to good use. My prob­lem was find­ing a high- qual­ity rangefinder that could of­fer me both.

MTC Op­tics of­fered me the chance to try out their Rapier model that has more func­tions than you can pos­si­bly imag­ine, but all I cared about was two. I want to know dis­tance and an­gle to my quarry, so in part one of this test, they’re all I’ll dis­cuss. I’ll learn about all the techo-wiz­ardry over the next months and re­port back on that later.

The Rapier is pleas­antly light and com­pact, which are qual­i­ties I ap­pre­ci­ate. I carry far too much kit when I hunt, so any weight sav­ing is wel­come. The er­gonomics are also great for me, with the rub­berised cas­ing fit­ting my medium sized hand per­fectly. I also ap­pre­ci­ated the fact that the rang­ing but­ton fell un­der my trig­ger fin­ger, which is just where it should be.


A very use­ful sec­ondary func­tion of any rangefinder is to act as a sim­ple monoc­u­lar, but only if it of­fers enough mag­ni­fi­ca­tion and a suf­fi­ciently bright and clear im­age. Be­ing able to spot a squir­rel high on a branch, take the range and an­gle and then swap to the ri­fle for the shot is my ideal. Speed and ef­fi­ciency can be your friends in shot prepa­ra­tion, so that you can take a pre­cisely aimed shot be­fore the squir­rel moves on.

At 6x mag­ni­fi­ca­tion and with a 24mm ob­jec­tive lens, I found the im­age qual­ity im­pres­sive and very much what I was hop­ing for. Be­ing able to spot a squir­rel’s head in the deep shade en­sures ac­cu­rate mea­sure­ments that mean so much to me. All in all, I’m very im­pressed with the Rapier so far, and keen to give it a long- term test over the win­ter dur­ing the busiest part of my hunt­ing cal­en­dar. I’ll re­port back soon on its per­for­mance in the field and in­tro­duce some of its more ad­vanced fea­tures.

ABOVE: I found the er­gonomics and im­age clar­ity first class

RIGHT: A data lead and a blue tooth ear piece hint at the Rapier’s other fea­tures

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