Can this Chi­nese com­pany take on the might of Air Arms and JSB? The ed­i­tor asks

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Phill Price tried out some pel­lets from Chi­nese com­pany, QYS

In re­cent years, just about ev­ery­body I know who is se­ri­ous about air­gun ac­cu­racy is us­ing pel­lets made by JSB, ei­ther in JSB tins or the ones they make spe­cially for Air Arms. I use the Air Arms Field Di­ablo for just about ev­ery­thing, in .177 and .22, at 12 ft.lbs., and in high- power ap­pli­ca­tions. It al­most seems like it’s the only pel­let there is, so when the Shoot­ing Party in­vited me to test a new .177 round­head I wasn’t all that ex­cited. The man­u­fac­turer is QYS, or ‘Quang Yuan Sports’, to give them their full name and they have a great rep­u­ta­tion for sup­ply­ing match- grade wad­cut­ters of the high­est qual­ity, with lots of gold medals to their name. I fig­ured that if they can make flat- heads to the high­est stan­dards, then they should be able to make round- heads just as well.

Un­sur­pris­ingly, they look just like a JSB with a long body, its waist well to­ward the head and a com­pletely smooth ex­te­rior. They weigh a claimed 8.48 grains, al­most iden­ti­cal to the JSB Ex­act 8.44, so they’re hardly break­ing any new ground. Where they do dif­fer is on the edge of the skirt , which is no­tice­ably thicker, but this could be a case of swings and round­abouts. The ex­tra metal at the edge could re­sist dam­age bet­ter, but the thin lip is thought to open up and make an air seal more eas­ily. I sat and weighed a batch, and on my dig­i­tal scales they var­ied be­tween 8.3 and 8.6 grains, the large ma­jor­ity show­ing 8.5 on the dig­i­tal read­out. The fin­ish was very clean and neat and I saw no sign of swarf or de­bris in the plas­tic con­tainer.


Of course, what we care about most is ac­cu­racy, so I took my Weihrauch HW110, a ri­fle I know to be ac­cu­rate and con­sis­tent, to my 50- yard range to see how the pel­lets per­formed. I set a base line of three groups with the Air Arms Field Di­ablo which was just around the 1” mark and then shot plenty of the QYS Sports Di­ablo to al­low the bar­rel to lead up with their al­loy. This is the point when I have to de­clare that my am­biva­lence to­wards the new pel­let stopped. It matched the ac­cu­racy of the best pel­let I know, and I was gen­uinely shocked. It seems that, at last, JSB has some com­pe­ti­tion. Now, I know that re­sult was just one gun on one day, but it makes clear that th­ese are a wor­thy com­peti­tor and well worth ex­per­i­ment­ing with in your own ri­fle, if you’re look­ing to ex­tract the ul­ti­mate ac­cu­racy.

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ABOVE: That’s proper ac­cu­racy and proves this pel­let needs to be con­sid­ered se­ri­ously

LEFT: I think we’ll be hear­ing a lot more about th­ese pel­lets soon

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