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I have just been granted per­mis­sion on a friend’s farm to un­der­take pest con­trol of pi­geons etc., but when go­ing at dusk or dawn, they are al­most im­pos­si­ble to see in the roof joists. I was look­ing into buy­ing a night-vi­sion add-on kit with a 5” screen and in­frared torch for sub £100, and got to won­der­ing if this would suf­fice, or should I in­crease my bud­get a few hun­dred pounds and just pur­chase a cheap day/night scope? Any ad­vice? MARTIN Hello Martin The best known night- vi­sion sys­tems with a screen come from Nite Site and I know from ex­pe­ri­ence that they. In fact, I re­cently used one in ex­actly the sce­nario you de­scribe, and was able to clear loads of feral pi­geons. Th­ese are nearer £400, but are well made and re­li­able, so I be­lieve that they’re worth the money. Ed.

Nite Site’s night- vi­sion kit is well proven in the field

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