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The sum­mer glove ar­ti­cle in the Oc­to­ber edi­tion prompted me to write in about an is­sue I have been mulling over for some time. I think the gloves look great, but why would the man­u­fac­turer put a white logo on a green back­ground? If we con­sider the white writ­ing on scopes, mod­er­a­tors, di­als and PCP reg­u­la­tor gauges, could our quarry make them out and run for the hills? Okay, rab­bits don’t have the great­est of eyesight, but thanks to the hunt­ing ar­ti­cles in this fine mag­a­zine we know the vi­sion of a pi­geon is ra­zor sharp. Con­sider also, Weihrauch has lis­tened to cus­tomer de­mand chang­ing the sil­ver safety catch on the HW110 to black on the lat­est model. Am I wor­ry­ing over noth­ing? It puts me in mind of shoot­ing with my buddy, John; from 35 yards he was all but in­vis­i­ble un­der a tree, save for the white soles on his black shoes and the white tag on his green camp­ing chair. If you can ad­dress my con­cern I might well in­vest in a pair of the Ho­lik Anne gloves! ANDY ED­WARDS Hello Andy I know what you mean about white be­ing quite a bold colour, but I hon­estly be­lieve that fac­tors like field­craft, use of cover and shadow play much big­ger roles in our abil­ity to ap­proach our quarry. At the point that our quarry can read the logo, we should be tak­ing the shot! Ed.

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