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The height of your ri­fle’s cheek piece is a vi­tal fac­tor in suc­cess­ful shoot­ing, but it’s par­tic­u­larly rel­e­vant with springers, be­cause a per­fect head po­si­tion al­lows you to re­lax prop­erly into your stance. When you’re re­laxed, you’re com­fort­able, and you avoid the build- up of mus­cle ten­sion. Ten­sion is the en­emy of the springer shooter, due to the in­con­sis­tency of hold it pro­motes. Never for­get, if ANY­THING changes in the way you han­dle your springer from shot to shot, its point of im­pact is likely to change with it. Get your head in the right po­si­tion - even if it means cus­tomis­ing your ri­fle’s cheek piece - so your sight­ing eye can line up nat­u­rally with the scope. The rest of your stance will flow from there.

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