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Renowned Ger­man air­gun brand Diana has launched a fun new air ri­fle, the Ok­to­ber­fest Gewehr. It’s a recre­ation of a clas­sic old Mod .30 de­sign that was used for shoot­ing games at fun fairs, hol­i­days and exhibitions.

Ex­clu­sively dis­trib­uted in the UK by Edgar Broth­ers, the Ok­to­ber­fest Gewehr uses un­usual 4.4mm round balls in­stead of the stan­dard 4.5 mm (.177 cal­i­bre). This was so that un­scrupu­lous com­peti­tors could not bring their own BBs from home, thus gain­ing an un­fair ad­van­tage!

The Ok­to­ber­fest is ideal for plink­ing in the garage or in the back gar­den. It is a 100- shot re­peater with a bolt ac­tion on top of the ac­tion, so there’s no need to cock the bar­rel.

Mike Roberts, Sales Desk Man­ager at Edgar Broth­ers, com­mented: ‘This air ri­fle will pro­vide hours of fun for all the fam­ily and prove a safe in­tro­duc­tion to shoot­ing sports. En­joy some com­pet­i­tive shoot­ing at home with this novel ri­fle this Christ­mas!’ The rec­om­mended re­tail price is £143.20. For more info, visit:

The Ok­to­ber­fest - What a fun ri­fle!

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