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The ed­i­tor looks at a new si­lencer from John Roth­ery

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One of the many at­trac­tions of air­guns is that they’re nice and quiet, and in the form of a mod­ern pre- charged pneu­matic ( PCP) they re­ally are nearly silent. To make the most of this fine qual­ity, adding a si­lencer, or sound mod­er­a­tor as they re­ally should be called, is a great idea. The noise that a si­lencer deals with is caused by the sud­den release of high pres­sure air that fol­lows the pel­let as it ex­its the muz­zle of our ri­fles. All that po­ten­tial en­ergy is sud­denly free to ex­pand vi­o­lently be­cause it’s no longer re­quired to drive our pel­let for­ward, and from a PCP it can make quite an an­gry crack. This is sure to an­noy neigh­bours and could also alert un­seen prey to the lo­ca­tion of the air­gun hunter. I’ve missed quarry in the past with a si­lenced gun to be al­lowed a sec­ond, this time suc­cess­ful shot, be­cause the an­i­mal I was tar­get­ing didn’t know it had just been shot at.

What the mod­er­a­tor does is give the high pres­sure air a place to ex­pand and slow down be­fore ex­it­ing the far end. This dis­si­pates the noise over a longer pe­riod than a bare bar­rel and the bet­ter de­signs work in­cred­i­bly well, mak­ing the ri­fle whis­per quiet.


John Roth­ery Whole­sale has re­cently be­gan to of­fer a new mod­er­a­tor from Mehr Sport – the Airstream HiPower – which looks like a good choice. At just un­der 6 ½“long it fits the stan­dard di­men­sions that we’re used to and doesn’t add too much length to your ri­fle. Weight is 4.76oz so it’s not too heavy, ei­ther. The main body tube ap­pears to be turned from an en­gi­neer­ing plas­tic, per­haps Del­rin and dis­plays a sub­tle pat­tern along it’s length. The end caps ap­pear to be alu­minium and as I could see no op­por­tu­nity to dis­man­tle it, I have no idea what’s in­side. The thread is fe­male ½” UNF which is by far the most pop­u­lar, so a great choice.

Look­ing down the muz­zle end I could see a se­ries of baf­fles as we’d ex­pect ,but I was un­able learn any­thing more than that. I think the choice of a syn­thetic ma­te­rial for the body is a good one be­cause si­lencers are the first thing to get knocked in the field and the fin­ish can­not get scratched off be­cause it’s a solid ma­te­rial.

In a wholly un­sci­en­tific test I un­screwed the Daystate si­lencer from my Big Test Hunts­man Regal and shot with the AirStream for com­par­i­son, and I was un­able to tell the dif­fer­ence. If this new­comer can match a top- end unit from one of the big­gest brands, it must be do­ing a good job and is there­fore well worth a look at your lo­cal gun shop.

ABOVE: An alu­minium in­sert car­ries the fe­male thread

LEFT: En­gi­neer­ing grade plas­tic forms the si­lencer’s body

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