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Do the read­ers of Air Gun­ner want more pis­tol ar­ti­cles? Let the ed­i­tor know

Iread ev­ery com­mu­ni­ca­tion that ar­rives at the Air Gun­ner ed­i­to­rial of­fice and I study each of our ‘Sur­vey’ forms as they come in. The in­for­ma­tion I’m gain­ing is re­ally valu­able be­cause it helps me build a picture of our read­er­ship, and more im­por­tantly what you all want to see in our mag­a­zine. My most re­cent batch of let­ters, sur­vey forms and emails con­tain sev­eral re­quests for more fea­tures on pis­tols, pis­tol-re­lated prod­ucts, and in­struc­tional pieces on how best to use both. In fact, I re­ceived so many pro- pis­tol no­ti­fi­ca­tions, I grabbed the first chance I could to take the lat­est Glock 17 and Umarex RP5 pis­tols to the range to find out what they, and the plea­sures of pis­tol shoot­ing, were all about.


I soon found out, as I com­pletely lost track of time be­cause I was en­joy­ing my­self so much. That en­joy­ment com­prised the same mix of chal­lenge, re­ward and the pure en­joy­ment of blat­ting tar­gets with an air­gun, al­beit that these pis­tols were both pow­ered by CO2.


Then, real­is­ing the longer range ac­cu­racy po­ten­tial of the Umarex RP5, I started to be­come more ‘se­ri­ous’, in that I be­gan to push out the ranges of my tar­gets and con­cen­trate more on my tech­nique. It was at this ex­act point that I re­alised how lit­tle I know about how best to shoot a pis­tol. Ba­si­cally, I was mak­ing it up as I went along, which isn’t how my ri­fle shoot­ing tech­niques have been de­vel­oped.

I shoot my ri­fles us­ing tech­niques I’ve learned from gen­uine ex­perts, ei­ther di­rectly through one- to- one coach­ing ses­sions, or through study­ing fea­tures in Air Gun­ner and Air­gun World. I hunt with my ri­fles and I have a duty to get it right in the field, so that fact alone drove me to seek proper coach­ing and to deal with my short­com­ings un­til I was good enough to hunt hu­manely. Those re­quire­ments don’t ap­ply with pis­tol shoot­ing, so I guess I haven’t both­ered to push my­self into any level of com­pe­tence. Well, that needs to change, and fast.


As it hap­pens, Thomas Whyte-Ven­ables, the son of a friend of mine shoots 10- me­tre air pis­tol for Team GB, and he has kindly of­fered to give me some proper coach­ing, which I’d like to pass on to our read­ers – if that is, in­deed, what you want. I’ll be hav­ing the lessons, any­way, be­cause as ed­i­tor of this mag­a­zine, I’ll need to know what I’m talk­ing about when it comes to shoot­ing air­guns of all kinds, but that coach­ing will be all the more re­ward­ing if I can pass on the tips and prin­ci­ples that have made Thomas such a shoot­ing star.

There are other pis­tol- based dis­ci­plines, of course, and if you’d like us to ex­plore those too, we’ll be more than happy to do so. Just keep those com­mu­ni­ca­tions com­ing in – and we’ll do the rest!

“I re­alised how lit­tle I know about shoot­ing a pis­tol. Ba­si­cally, I was mak­ing it up as I went along”

All sorts of pis­tols de­serve all types of fea­tures, or so it seems

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