Dave Barham dis­cov­ers just how much fun the new Umarex Glock 17 can be

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The ed­i­tor has card­board box fun with the new Glock 17 from Umarex

It’s been a few years since I owned a de­cent plink­ing pis­tol, so you can imag­ine how ex­cited I was when those very kind folks at John Roth­ery dropped this brand new Glock 17 on my desk.

This is the very lat­est CO2pow­ered, .177 BB blow- back ver­sion, and it re­ally looks the part. It’s ac­tu­ally a replica li­censed by Glock them­selves, so it should do.


The orig­i­nal ver­sion of the famed Glock 17 holds an im­por­tant place in many col­lec­tions world­wide. For those who want to share the ex­cite­ment of own­ing a Glock, this over- the- counter CO2 ver­sion is the per­fect so­lu­tion.

With its heavy metal slide, pow­er­ful blow- back and all- in- one mag­a­zine the Glock 17 promised hours of fun shoot­ing, and it didn’t dis­ap­point me.


The first job was to re­move the mag­a­zine so that I could load it up with 18 steel BBs and also insert a 12g CO2 can­is­ter. This is done by push­ing the but­ton re­lease with your thumb whilst hold­ing the pis­tol. I love the way the mag’ re­leases and drops into your wait­ing hand; the weight of the mag­a­zine is very au­then­tic, and re­ally helps it to slide out quickly.

Once out, I had a few sec­onds of head scratch­ing won­der­ing how to insert the 12g CO2 can­is­ter, un­til I dis­cov­ered that the very base of the mag­a­zine has a false bot­tom and you have to force a slide open to ac­cess the Allen key screw. Once you undo the screw slightly, sim­ply slip the CO2 can­is­ter in and then do the screw up with the Allen key pro­vided, to pierce the top of the can­is­ter.

Next, I came to load­ing the mag­a­zine, which holds a whop­ping 18 .177 steel BBs. That was sim­ple enough, too. There’s a tiny lit­tle but­ton to grab hold of with your fin­ger­nail at the top of the mag­a­zine, which needs to be slid down and pushed left to lock it in place, this keeps the spring un­der ten­sion so you can pour in your BBs.

Once you’ve locked that off, it’s sim­ply a case of tilt­ing the top of the mag­a­zine back slightly so that you can feed the BBs in one at a time. Once the mag­a­zine is loaded you have to flip the spring lock back over to the right, and that is what helps push the BBs up the length of the mag­a­zine as you pull the trig­ger.


With the mag­a­zine sat­is­fy­ingly clicked back into the pis­tol, I searched around for the safety lever, which on this par­tic­u­lar gun is di­rectly in front of the trig­ger guard on the un­der­side of the ac­tion. With the safety off, I cocked the pis­tol

by pulling back the slide and I was ready to un­leash hell on pa­per tar­get in my back gar­den!

I sent 18 BBs down the length of my gar­den into the stack of card­board boxes I’d erected as fast as I could pull the trig­ger, and as the mag­a­zine emp­tied, so the smile on my face grew larger. This pis­tol sure is fun.

Once all of the BBs have been fired and the mag­a­zine is empty, the slide stays locked in the open po­si­tion, so to close it you have to pull down the slide stop lever sit­u­ated about an inch above the mag­a­zine re­lease but­ton. Then you sim­ply re­move the mag­a­zine, reload and start all over again.


Shoot­ing any pis­tol with com­bat sights is al­ways a chal­lenge, but I must say that the sights on this Glock are bril­liant. The rear notch has a bright white border, whilst the fore sight ‘post’ had a very pro­nounced white dot, so lin­ing the two up is a dod­dle, even in lower light con­di­tions.

Even in the midst of emp­ty­ing the mag into a tar­get, it’s still pos­si­ble to keep con­trol of where you’re point­ing, with a cer­tain de­gree of ac­cu­racy – even though the BBs tend to do their own thing once they exit the bar­rel.


I loved mess­ing about with this pis­tol. I lost track of time in my back gar­den, as well as how many times I reloaded the mag­a­zine. All I know is that I used four CO2 can­is­ters and the boxes at the end of my gar­den were torn to shreds!

I have a feel­ing that my two girls are go­ing to en­joy shoot­ing this pis­tol, too. I’d bet­ter pop down to Tesco and see if I can ‘bor­row’ some more boxes for the week­end.

BOT­TOM: The new Glock 17 is just about as much fun asyou can have with your clothes on!

This Glock 17 shoots .177 steel BBs

Sim­ply drop in a 12g CO2 can­is­ter ...

This all- in- one mag­a­zine holds 18 shots

It took Dave a few sec­onds to find the se­cret door at the base of the mag­a­zine

Ac­ti­vate the CO2 by tight­en­ing the screw with the Allen key pro­vided

To load the mag’ you must first slide down the re­tainer

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