Dave Barham puts the spot­light on one of the most im­por­tant fea­tures of any air­gun

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Dave Barham dis­cusses the im­por­tance of trig­ger tech­nique

Since land­ing my dream job as ed­i­tor of Air Gun­ner, I’ve been putting in some ex­ten­sive range time with all sorts of ri­fles and pis­tols. Many facts of my airgunning life con­tinue to emerge from this in­ten­sive ‘ train­ing’ I’m do­ing, not least the im­por­tance of a good trig­ger and the knowl­edge of how to use it. Am I preach­ing to the con­verted? Well, in some cases that’s un­doubt­edly true, but re­cent ex­pe­ri­ences have shown that plenty of us still need to ap­pre­ci­ate the ben­e­fits of proper trig­ger use – and very much vice versa.


I’ve been joined on my in­ten­sive shoot­ing ses­sions by sev­eral friends, plus I’ve been study­ing the way other shoot­ers use their trig­gers. I’ve seen shoot­ers who re­ally know their trig­ger tech­nique and who squeeze off shots in a to­tally con­trolled, con­sis­tent man­ner, and I’ve seen ex­pe­ri­enced shoot­ers and novices alike, pulling trig­gers, with the em­pha­sis firmly on ‘pull’! A very few of those who have joined me on my ses­sions have com­mented on the trig­gers they’ve used, and I now have the a grow­ing con­vic­tion that too many of us need to re­con­sider how we use these vi­tal com­po­nents – which def­i­nitely in­cludes me!


I be­lieve this sub­ject, con­tain­ing as it does so much about over­all shoot­ing tech­nique, de­serves to be fully ex­plored, un­der­stood and rinsed of ev­ery bit of prac­ti­cal ad­vice we can ex­tract from it. I’ve been speak­ing with our con­trib­u­tors and my col­leagues about this, and putting to use the ad­vice I’ve been given, and I can al­ready tell the dif­fer­ence. This convinces me that our read­ers can gain the same ad­van­tage, if the ad­vice is prop­erly pre­sented.


The sim­ple fact is, ev­ery­one ben­e­fits from us­ing proper trig­ger tech­nique. My own re­cent ‘trig­ger train­ing’ has shown me that us­ing the trig­ger prop­erly brings in just about ev­ery other tech­nique we use, in­clud­ing stance, grip, breath­ing con­trol, gun fit and the ap­par­ently mys­ti­cal art of fol­low-through. It’s all there, and more, in expert trig­ger tech­nique. I’ll even go so far as to state, if you get your trig­ger use ab­so­lutely right, the rest of your tech­nique will al­most cer­tainly im­prove right along with it. Trig­ger tech­nique isn’t a sep­a­rate skill, it’s in­ter­linked with prac­ti­cally ev­ery­thing, as our new se­ries will show.


Trig­ger tech­nique is just one of many top­ics we’ll be ex­plor­ing in forth­com­ing is­sues, and the sub­ject mat­ter of these will be en­tirely up to our read­ers. As I said in my ed­i­to­rial, we need your in­put, and as much of it as pos­si­ble. Please send in those sug­ges­tions for any and all top­ics you’d like to see ex­am­ined within the pages of Air Gun­ner. It’s your mag­a­zine and it will serve ev­ery­one best if it gives you what you want. I look for­ward to hear­ing from you.

ABOVE: Ev­ery shooter will ben­e­fit from us­ing proper trig­ger tech­nique - and in ways most wouldn’t ex­pect

BELOW: Some trig­gers do more than re­lease the shot

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