Mark Camoc­cio shows us some re­ac­tive pa­per tar­gets to make prac­tice more in­ter­est­ing

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Qual­ity ac­ces­sories can re­ally add to the sat­is­fac­tion of any shoot­ing ses­sion, and spe­cial­ist tar­gets add an­other di­men­sion of fun. Of course, we can al­ways do it on the cheap, with a piece of pa­per and a marker pen, but place an of­fi­cial tar­get down­range, es­pe­cially of the type on show here, and our skills can be honed, whilst pro­vid­ing some spectator sport, too,

ei­ther for our shoot­ing part­ners, or new­com­ers ea­ger to take in­struc­tion. Metal ‘knock- downs’ are all very well, and can be ex­tremely sat­is­fy­ing, but some­times prac­tice dic­tates that the pre­ci­sion of some sort of pa­per tar­get is utilised, where ex­act shot place­ment is more eas­ily re­layed back to the shooter.


‘Re­ac­tive’ pa­per tar­gets are a great idea, and the ‘Or­ange Peel’ type, from Amer­i­can brand, Caldwell, are a great place to start. Half the bat­tle is be­ing able to see your shots clearly as they ap­pear down­range, and whilst at any se­ri­ous dis­tance you are still best look­ing through a scope, or spot­ting gear if spec­tat­ing, these tar­gets do help to make the shots much clearer to see. The tar­get de­sign sees a black bull printed on an or­ange background, with yel­low sector lines of­fer­ing plenty of dif­fer­ent aim points. As the naked eye be­gins to strug­gle to spot where shots are ac­tu­ally land­ing, be that live round or airgun pel­let, suc­cess­ful shots on these tar­gets tear through the black and ex­pose the yel­low un­der­coat, show­ing the shot as a su­per bright, yel­low ring. Given that these tar­gets have an or­ange background and peel off as sticker sheets, ‘Or­ange Peel’ is in­deed a clever name.

Just se­lect your tar­get size – 2”, 3”, 4” and 8” bulls are avail­able – and style re­quired, all printed on the same easy- peel sheets.


Jack Pyke are a re­spected name in the shoot­ing world, so it comes as no sur­prise that they pro­duce ‘Spot Shots’, a sim­i­lar ver­sion of the re­ac­tive tar­get. Again, the tar­gets are roundels, which have a ‘dou­bleprinted’ black coat­ing painted over a yel­low background. High vis­i­bil­ity is the name of the game, and this time, the tar­gets peel off as a neat cir­cu­lar disc, to be stuck wher­ever you like. There’s a va­ri­ety of packs avail­able, with sheets of stick­ers with ei­ther 2- inch or 6- inch roundels. Opt for the larger 6- inch stick­ers, and you’ll also get small stick- on dots which are used to patch up the main tar­get. It’s all very neat, and clev­erly ex­tends the life of the tar­gets.

So, whether ze­ro­ing or competing, the Spot Shots sticker sheet for­mat and bright colours make these tar­gets very ver­sa­tile. Yes, they’re more ex­pen­sive than con­ven­tional pa­per, but there’s no doubt­ing the sim­ple en­joy­ment to be had when the im­pact points are made so ob­vi­ous down­range.


Fi­nally, comes the Tar­get Stick­ers from Jack Pyke, and these are sim­i­lar to the flu­o­res­cent de­signs that I used from Birch­wood Casey for many years. Day­glo- style tar­gets with flu­o­res­cent colours are my favourite for ri­fle test­ing, since the su­per­bright background is just so much eas­ier on the eyes when light be­gins to fade, or when shoot­ing on a dull mis­er­able day. Again, these tar­gets come sup­plied as sheets of stick­ers, mak­ing them su­per- ver­sa­tile, but these are not re­ac­tive style, so show a more pre­cise shot group.

Shoot as a new tar­get, or stick over an old tar­get – the choice is yours. The Tar­get Stick­ers come in sev­eral dif­fer­ent sizes, with 1,1.5, 2, or 3- inch di­a­grams avail­able. There are plenty of in­ter­sec­tions, which ef­fec­tively means aim points, so there are plenty of shots to take be­fore a tar­get change is needed. The ul­tra- bright de­sign is the key here, and I use these tar­gets all the time.

I’ve featured just a few tar­gets here, but there are many more. Check out Birch­wood Casey’s Dirty Bird, Shoot N C and Tar­get Spots ver­sions, all de­signed to en­hance our shoot­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, to be found at Tim Hannam’s www. han­nam­sreload­

ABOVE: Bril­liantly ver­sa­tile; Spot Shots from Jack Pyke

BE­LOW: Shots show up well on the Or­ange Peel tar­gets

ABOVE RIGHT: Note the patch- up black stick­ers sup­plied with these Spot Shots

ABOVE LEFT: Caldwell’s neat pack­ag­ing keeps the re­main­ing tar­gets safe

BE­LOW: Shoot­ing in poor light? JP Tar­get Stick­ers take some beat­ing

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