This month, Dave Barham re­ceived a re­quest from the trade, to re­view and film the RP5 Car­bine in deep­est, dark­est Nor­folk

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Dave Barham’s out with a film crew at the Mid Nor­folk Shoot­ing Ground

First off, I’d like to say a mas­sive ‘ thank you’ to those of you who have in­vited me out for a day. Keep those re­quests com­ing in folks, there’s plenty of opportunity for me to pop and see you.

There’s some­thing a lit­tle bit dif­fer­ent about this month’s ‘Take Me Out’ fea­ture, be­cause it was a re­quest from the trade rather than a reader. John Rothery Whole­sale’s, Claire Has­kett, got in touch with me ask­ing if I’d like to have a day’s shoot­ing and film­ing to put to­gether some promo videos for the new Umarex RP5 Car­bine. Not be­ing shy in front of a cam­era I jumped at the chance to grab a day’s film­ing – the only prob­lem I had af­ter say­ing, ‘yes’ was find­ing a suit­able location.

The film crew are based in Nor­wich, so it made per­fect sense to find some­where over that way and a quick scout around Google soon

threw up one of my best finds to date – the Mid Nor­folk Shoot­ing Ground!


Set in over 50 acres of wood­land, the Mid Nor­folk Shoot­ing Ground is one of the very best set- ups that I have ever vis­ited. It’s highly geared to­wards clay shoot­ing, with the best part of 100 re­mote con­trolled clay traps and stands, but they are also very pas­sion­ate about air­gun­ners, too.

I made a call to Steve Ben­ning­ton, who man­ages the ground, and he very kindly in­vited us to have the run of the place for a day to get on with our film­ing. While I was there I popped into the on- site gun shop for a chat with him, and he ex­plained that be­cause of the laws gov­ern­ing clay shoot­ing in the area, it means they can only shoot ev­ery other week­end, so on the al­ter­nate week­ends they hold air­gun shoot­ing com­pe­ti­tions in­stead.

The shop is well stocked with cloth­ing, pel­lets and air­guns as well as shot­guns, as you would ex­pect from a site geared up for clay shoot­ing, but I wasn’t ex­pect­ing to find a mint, orig­i­nal stock 1926 Purdey shot­gun in there – and all for

just £15,000!

Next to the shop there is a huge din­ing/rest area, with a bar, café, toi­lets and open fire – that was ex­tremely wel­com­ing af­ter we’d fin­ished our film­ing, the tem­per­a­ture was hov­er­ing at just around freez­ing all day!


The ded­i­cated air­gun range is amaz­ing with 40- plus knock- down targets set deep into a wood­land clear­ing, a great deal of which are knock- down/re­set, as opposed to the pull-string type. The range also has ze­ro­ing boards for plac­ing targets on, plus half a dozen pur­pose- built, sturdy bench rest seats.

As if that doesn’t sound good enough, there’s more. Dot­ted around the site, on the many clay-shoot­ing stands, there are yet more knock­down/re­set targets for air­gun­ners. This means you can have a lit­tle wan­der around and in­dulge in ‘fake hunt’ sce­nar­ios – they don’t al­low any real hunt­ing on site. It’s a fan­tas­tic way to spend a day or morn­ing, walking the foot­paths and tak­ing shots at strate­gi­cally placed targets.

The range is geared for all lev­els of abil­ity, with some close- range targets for pis­tol shoot­ers, some medium- range targets (20 to 40 me­tres) and some that you need a pair of binoculars to spot!

I shall cer­tainly be spend­ing more time there this year, and I might well go along and en­ter one of their fun week­end com­pe­ti­tions, too.


Af­ter a brief­ing in the warmth of the club­house, we ven­tured down to the air­gun range, where I was sur­prised to see three other chaps hap­pily shoot­ing away in the near zero de­gree tem­per­a­ture.

We set about film­ing the re­view of the RP5 Car­bine, then pro­ceeded to have a bit of fun knock­ing down targets and shat­ter­ing the morn­ing si­lence with some rather loud ex­plod­ing targets. The day just whizzed by, and in no time at all it was start­ing to get dark – be­tween the film­ing and shoot­ing I’d com­pletely lost all track of time.

The en­tire ex­pe­ri­ence was great fun and I had a whale of a time. It was great to work with such a pro­fes­sional film crew again – it’s been a few years! If you haven’t al­ready seen the fin­ished films, have a look for them on the John Rothery Whole­sale and Umarex web­sites or Facebook pages. I’m sure we’ll be post­ing them on our Air Gun­ner and Air­gun World Facebook pages too.

Huge thanks, Steve Ben­ning­ton, for be­ing so wel­com­ing, and also a big ‘ thank you’ to Claire for getting the ball rolling.

Well, that’s it from me for this month’s ad­ven­ture, I won­der where I’ll end up next month? It could be with you!

ABOVE: Dave lost track of time on the range, which has more than enough to keep you oc­cu­pied for hours

LEFT: £ 15k! I’ll have two, please!

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