Dave Barham re­lives his child­hood with a Colt 45 from Umarex

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Yee­har! Ride ‘em cow­boy … was my ini­tial re­ac­tion as I opened the rather in­trigu­ing box be­fore me. As I lifted the lid I was greeted by the mag­nif­i­cent sight of this Cus­tom Shop Edi­tion Army Colt 45, im­me­di­ately re­gressed nearly 40 years and re­mem­bered my­self run­ning around my par­ents’ back gar­den play­ing ‘Cow­boys and In­di­ans’ with my lit­tle brother – and as the next cou­ple of hours would prove, boys never grow up.


This great lit­tle pis­tol is a very re­al­is­tic replica of the Colt Sin­gle Ac­tion Army .45 re­volver. Okay, so it’s not the full- on .45 Peace­maker that all the cow­boys used, but it’s damned close and in re­al­ity the only vis­i­ble dif­fer­ence it that it has a shorter barrel - 3.5-inches rather than the 5.5 to 12-inch bar­rels also pro­duced. This shorter barrel was orig­i­nally de­signed for the army to be used in close­quar­ters com­bat, which cut down the overall weight of the pis­tol. This is the short­est ver­sion of the Umarex SAA .45 pis­tols, and it’s geared purely for fast, speed-shoot­ing at close­quar­ters – it’s a real tin- can smasher!

This replica fires .177 metal BBs at up to 400fps and has a re­al­is­tic load­ing ac­tion with one BB load­ing into each shell. I’m new to the world of be­spoke air pis­tols, so you’ll have to bear with me be­cause I’d never come across this rather fun load­ing sys­tem be­fore.

Au­then­tic­ity is para­mount, and just like the orig­i­nal, this pis­tol has a sin­gle- ac­tion trig­ger and you have to pull back the ham­mer for each shot to be fired.


The 12g CO2 cap­sule is housed in the grip – sim­ply lift off the cover, in­sert the car­tridge and tighten the large screw at the base to pierce it. The shells are loaded and ejected in ex­actly the same way as the orig­i­nal pis­tol – man­u­ally.


We must re­mem­ber that air pis­tols are not toys, although this one cer­tainly gets as close to the mark as I have ever ex­pe­ri­enced. I had great fun shoot­ing this pis­tol and lost track of time in my back gar­den whilst de­stroy­ing tin cans in my ‘rootin’, tootin’, shootin’ gall’ry’

If you’re into col­lectibles then you’re go­ing to love this one. The fin­ish is noth­ing short of su­perb, and it’s a great ad­di­tion to any col­lec­tion.

One thing to note is that it is de­signed to be shot sin­gle- handed, and it’s a real strug­gle to try to shoot two- handed, es­pe­cially if you have big hands, like me. That just makes it all the more fun and au­then­tic, though, and I don’t think it would have the same ap­peal if you could shoot it any other way.

The box it comes in re­ally adds to the ap­peal

The side plate on the han­dle sim­ply lifts off so you can in­sert a 12g CO2 car­tridge Tighten the screw un­der­neath to pierce and se­cure the CO2 car­tridge

To re­move or load the car­tridges you must first slide this over Once you’ve in­serted the BBs into your car­tridges, half- cock the ham­mer and you can rotate the cylin­der to load

There is a man­ual safety in front of the trig­ger guard, un­der the cylin­der You have to cock the ham­mer in or­der to take a shot

This lit­tle lever is used to eject the shell cas­ings for reload­ing You can see how the lever, when pulled to­ward the cylin­der, ejects the shells

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