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With the fes­tive sea­son fast ap­proach­ing, be­ing able to hear as clearly as you can is so im­por­tant.

Whether it’s dur­ing your work’s Christ­mas party, your fam­ily get to­geth­ers, Christ­mas din­ner or even watch­ing your favourite episode of Only Fools and Horses, the gift of the clear­est hear­ing is so up lift­ing.

One thing that you don’t want to get in the way of this is blocked ears.

Al­though ear wax is a per­fectly nat­u­ral way for your body to pro­tect any­thing get­ting into your ear canal that should not be there, too much wax or old com­pacted wax can lead to a drop in your hear­ing level.

In the past most GP surg­eries would of­fer Ear Ir­ri­gation, where they would use a sy­ringe to push wa­ter into the ear to flush the wax out.

In many cases this no longer hap­pens and in­stead pa­tients are re­ferred to an ENT clinic, which can re­sult in a wait of up to twelve weeks.

But now, The Op­ti­cal Fac­tory and Hear­ing Clinic of­fers a safer and quicker way to re­move your stub­born ear wax us­ing a method called Mi­cro­suc­tion.

This method is a far more gen­tle pro­ce­dure than ir­ri­gation and is also ex­tremely quick for the pa­tient.

And al­though this is nor­mally a pri­vate ser­vice cost­ing an av­er­age of £50, The Op­ti­cal Fac­tory and Hear­ing Clin­ics based in Hamil­ton, East Kil­bride and Wishaw are of­fer­ing this free up un­til the be­gin­ning of Fe­bru­ary 2019.

Di­rec­tor Sean Walls said: “So many of our clients have asked us about ear wax and we wanted to look at this.

When we found out that the wait­ing list for med­i­cal ear wax re­moval is around 16 weeks we took on the chal­lenge and now of­fer a free ser­vice to the com­mu­nity.”

It’s no sur­prise that this ded­i­ca­tion to their clients saw the team scoop the La­nark­shire Best Busi­ness Award.

TheFac­tory and Hear­ing Clinic is also of­fer­ing a free trial of the lat­est tech­nol­ogy hear­ing aids.

The trial lasts for six weeks, with no obli­ga­tion to pay for any­thing once the trial is com­plete.

The Flexi-trial is avail­able in all three branches.

Sean went on: “Peo­ple have a mis­con­cep­tion that hear­ing aids are very ex­pen­sive and they are wary of them.

We are of­fer­ing a free six week trial to al­low peo­ple to try the hear­ing aids and find out if it’s for them.

Just pop into one of your clin­ics in Hamil­ton, Wishaw or East Kil­bride and let the team help fit you with a hear­ing aid.”

If you would like any more in­for­ma­tion or would like to book your ap­point­ment, con­tact the team at www.theop­ti­cal­fac­ or pop into a clinic to­day and meet the team who will be happy to help.

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