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1. What is the cap­i­tal city of Afghanista­n?

A Khost

B Kun­duz

C Kan­da­har

D Kabul

2. What sort of crea­ture is a Cly­des­dale?

A Dog

B Horse

C Cat

D Bird

3. Which de­vice was used to ex­e­cute Louis XVI dur­ing the French ex­e­cu­tion?

A Broad-axe

B Guil­lo­tine

C Gal­lows

D Sword

4. In which Dutch city can the Ri­jksmu­seum be found?

A Rot­ter­dam

B Am­s­ter­dam

C Eind­hoven

D Arn­hem

5. Which light-footed young­ster played Billy El­liot?

A Ru­pert Grint

B Daniel Rad­cliffe

C Or­lando Bloom

D Jamie Bell

6. Which BBC One day­time show, hosted by Kym Marsh and Ash­ley John-bap­tiste, in­ves­ti­gates sto­ries of on­line dat­ing scams?

A For Love or Money

B Take Me Out

C Hate Dates

D Dat­ing Dis­as­ters

7. Who starred as TV’S Hamish Mac­beth?

A Robert Burns

B Robert Hamer

C Robert Car­lyle

D Robert Jack­son

8. In which re­li­gion is nir­vana the at­tain­ment of per­fect seren­ity?

A Bud­dhism

B Hin­duism

C Is­lam

D Ju­daism

9. In math­e­mat­ics, what does rms stand for?

A Ran­dom-mem­ory-sys­tem B Root-maths-sys­tem C Real-maths-sort­ing D Root-mean-square

10. What was the Spice Girls’ film called?

A The Spice Girls Un­cut B Spiceworld: The Movie

C Spice Land: The Movie

D More Spices 11. Which East London feath­er­weight stopped Justin Mur­phy in the fourth round of their 1996 bout?

A Colin Hendry

B Colin Boss-roberts

C Colin Mcmil­lan

D Colin Mcdon­ald

12. Which Dadaist artist is best known for Nude Descend­ing a Stair­case and The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bach­e­lors, Even?

A Mar­cel Duchamp

B Hans Arp

C Fran­cis Pi­cabia

D Han­nah Hoch

13. Which Do­mini­can-born Bri­tish nov­el­ist wrote Wide Sar­gasso Sea?

A Frank Rhys

B Harold Rhys

C Jean Rhys

D Michael Rhys

14. Which saint and mis­sion­ary wrote the epis­tles to the Corinthi­ans and Gala­tians in the New Tes­ta­ment?

A St John

B St Paul

C St Mark

D St Luke

15. What is the ti­tle of the lat­est al­bum from Bri­tish singer­song­writer Rumer?

A Tuc­son Tears

B Bos­ton Tears

C Nashville Tears

D Phoenix Tears

Rumer See Ques­tion 15

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