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Bigger bins will help keep parks and streets tidy


New larger litter bins are being put in place across North Lanarkshir­e in a project aiming to increase capacity and prevent overflowin­g.

The 240 and 360-litre containers are already

in place at the area’s country parks and will now be rolled out across the authority over the next eight months.

It will mean the removal of around 100 existing smaller bins from streets across North Lanarkshir­e.

However, council officials insist that there will be a 400 per cent increase in litter capacity as a result of the project.

Bins will be placed “near public roads and in the busiest areas in towns and villages”, with an interactiv­e map showing locations concentrat­ed around town centres.

They will be emptied on a three-weekly basis, like domestic waste bins as part of refuse lorries’ regular routes; or at a “higher frequency depending on the location”.

All types of litter, including bagged dog waste, can be placed in the new containers.

Council officials say that phasing out the smaller bins will also result in 200,000 fewer non-recyclable plastic bags, currently used as liners, being used each year.

Environmen­t convener Michael Mcpake explained:“keeping streets clean is a key priority for our residents, and these new larger litter bins will provide much more capacity and allow us to deliver a more efficient cleansing service.

“The initiative is also more environmen­tally friendly as the new bins will use fewer plastic bags, and we will cut the amount of fuel used by our fleet and, as result, reduce emissions.

“As we install the new bins, we monitor their use to ensure that they are in the most appropriat­e locations and, if needed, move them to best meet the needs of each community.”

The bin replacemen­t programme, which was first announced last October, is part of the council’s Recover NL initiative to help the area return to normality as Covid restrictio­ns ease.

Urging locals to take care of their dear green places, Councillor Mcpake added:“our parks and greenspace­s have been very well used throughout the Covid pandemic and will be an important resource for families during the school holidays.

“I would appeal to all residents to play their part in keeping our parks and streets clean – please bin your litter or take it home.”

These larger bins will provide more capacity and will use fewer plastic bags

 ??  ?? Cleaning up Environmen­t convener Michael Mcpake with one of the new large-scale litter bins being put in place across the authority
Cleaning up Environmen­t convener Michael Mcpake with one of the new large-scale litter bins being put in place across the authority

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