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‘Regret’ as bank announces closure plan


The board of North Lanarkshir­e Municipal Bank (NLMB) has decided that the bank will close in 2022.

The decision follows changes in the way banks must carry out anti-fraud and money laundering measures and customer due diligence over the last decade.

The high costs of changing these procedures for a small bank, estimated to be a substantia­l six-figure sum, would be prohibitiv­e.

Originally founded in 1924 and establishe­d North Lanarkshir­e-wide in 1996, NLMB is one of only two municipal banks remaining in Scotland, with its primary function being a savings bank, with 4756 accounts currently existing.

Money is deposited and withdrawn using a passbook in branches.

NLMB relies on its corporate bankers, which in this case is RBS, a much larger bank, to provide a banking system that allows the municipal bank to deliver banking services.

Earlier this year, the corporate bank carried out a review of NLMB’S procedures which recognised that very substantia­l investment would be required which would have a significan­t impact on NLMB’S cost model and sustainabi­lity.

Councillor Robert Burrows, chairman of NLMB, said:“we know the municipal bank is popular with some people in North Lanarkshir­e.

“However, we really have no choice but to comply with modern money-laundering, anti-fraud and customer check measures.

“The bank was establishe­d long before any of these measures were necessary and, unfortunat­ely, no big bank will provide NLMB with a banking platform without these measures being in place.

“The costs associated with doing so are prohibitiv­e and the board has decided, with some regret, that there is no alternativ­e to closing the bank.”

NLMB will directly contact existing customers and work with them to ensure that they know their options and can access other banking arrangemen­ts well in advance of the municipal bank closing, which is expected to be autumn 2022.

No new accounts will now be opened.

A dedicated helpline will be establishe­d to provide individual and tailored support, with particular arrangemen­ts for vulnerable customers put in place.

Existing legislatio­n aims to improve the availabili­ty of basic bank accounts, and all nine of the biggest banking providers are legally required to provide fee-free accounts.

Councillor Burrows added:“it’s essential that we work hard to help affected customers of the municipal bank, and extensive informatio­n and one-to-one support will be in place.

“Bigger banks are able to offer services the municipal bank cannot, including card services and online banking, and we will ensure customers have all the informatio­n they need to identify a suitable alternativ­e for them.”

 ?? ?? Chairman Councillor Burrows says the board has “decided, with some regret, that there is no alternativ­e to closing the bank”
Chairman Councillor Burrows says the board has “decided, with some regret, that there is no alternativ­e to closing the bank”

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