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Long Covid guidance available from NHS 24


Monklands residents suffering from ongoing Covid symptoms can find useful informatio­n and guidance from NHS 24.

Most people recover from coronaviru­s within four weeks, but for some people symptoms can last longer, or new ones can develop.

Symptoms can also change over time and can affect anywhere in the body.

This is often referred to as long Covid and can include breathless­ness, a cough, aches and pains, insomnia and low mood or anxiety.

Informatio­n available online includes the most common symptoms, how a patient is assessed and how to manage ongoing symptoms.

NHS 24’s medical director, Dr Laura Ryan, told the Advertiser: “Coronaviru­s can vary from person to person, and sometimes recovery can take longer than we would like.

“The important thing is not to compare with others and to take the time to look after ourselves.

“The informatio­n on NHS inform can really help with managing ongoing symptoms until they do naturally fade away.

“Of course, you should contact your GP practice if you’re worried about the severity or persistenc­e of your symptoms or they’re getting worse.”

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf added: “It is important that people with long Covid symptoms get the right advice and having all the informatio­n in one place will hopefully make it easier for them.

“The informatio­n and support available at NHS inform has been designed to help people with their recovery.

“The Long Covid Support Fund was establishe­d with £10m last month and was designed to maximise and improve the co-ordination of a broad range of existing services across the health and social care system and Third Sector in response to the condition.”

To find out more informatio­n, visit longer-term-effects-of-covid-19long-covid

 ?? ?? Developing issues Long Covid symptoms can include breathless­ness, a cough and aches and pains
Developing issues Long Covid symptoms can include breathless­ness, a cough and aches and pains

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