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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which US boxer did Prince Naseem Hamed defeat in 1997 to add the IBF featherwei­ght title to his WBO title?

A Tom Jones

B Tom Johnson

C Tomas Johansson

D Tom Priar

2. In which popular US sport do the Los Angeles Kings play?

A American football B Baseball C Basketball

D Ice hockey

3. With which branch of the arts is Jean-auguste-dominique Ingres associated?

A Painting

B Poetry

C Scuplture

D Composer

4. By what name is the constellat­ion Crux also known?

A Little Bear B Southern Cross C Leo

D Northern Cross

5. The gourde is the national currency of which country?

A Morocco B Haiti C Egypt D France

6. Which US science fiction horror drama TV series starring Winona Ryder is set in the 1980s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana?

A Twin Peaks

B Stranger Things

C Supernatur­al

D Eerie, Indiana 7. What number is represente­d by the Roman numeral L? 8. Which Latin poet wrote the Ars amatoria and the Metamorpho­ses?

A Euclid

B Livy

C Ovid

D Plato

9. With which football team did Sir Stanley Matthews begin and end

his playing career?

A Manchester City

B Manchester United

C Stoke City

D West Ham United 10. What was the title of the album released by U2 in 1997?

A Pop

B Bang

C Crackle

D Snap

11. Of which 80s pop group was Morrissey lead singer?

A The Levellers

B The Pretenders

C The Smiths

D The Stone Roses

12. Which one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wore a blue mask and was the leader?

A Leonardo

B Raphael

C Donatello

D Michelange­lo

13. Which Dorset town was known as Casterbrid­ge in Thomas Hardy’s novels?

A Dorchester

B Poole

C Weymouth

D Blandford Forum

14. Who was the female member of Three of a Kind?

A Tracey Paxman B Tracey Slater C Tracey Fuller D Tracey Ullman

15. By what name is the common bird Passer domesticus better known?

A House sparrow

B Starling

C Robin

D Pigeon

 ?? ?? Winona Ryder See Question 6.
Winona Ryder See Question 6.

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