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Sixties swing into Covid booster and flu jab schedule


People aged 60 to 69 and adults aged 16 and over with underlying health conditions in Lanarkshir­e are starting to receive invitation­s for their flu and Covid-19 booster vaccinatio­ns through the post.

Appointmen­ts for these groups are being issued in batches in descending age order (starting with 69-year-olds) and will take place at local community clinics.

NHS Lanarkshir­e is currently vaccinatin­g people in the highest risk groups for both flu and coronaviru­s, including those who are aged 70 years and above, people in older adult care homes, those who are on the highest risk list and frontline health and social care workers.

Tom Elrick, general manager for the vaccinatio­n programme in Lanarkshir­e, told the Advertiser:“we are currently working through priority lists for those who are eligible for the Covid vaccine booster and the flu vaccine and are making good headway.

“Appointmen­ts for both vaccines are being scheduled based on clinical need and age and it will take into the middle of January for everyone to be offered their vaccines.”

In addition, the health board is delivering flu vaccinatio­ns to children under two years old who have underlying health conditions, preschool children aged two to five, all school pupils, pregnant women and all NHS healthcare workers.

The winter flu and Covid-19 vaccinatio­n programmes are working together to reduce the risks for both types of illness.

Wherever possible, those eligible for the booster jab will receive both the flu vaccine and Covid boosters on the same day.

This is“safe and effective to do and will reduce the need to have two separate appointmen­ts”.

For those in the underlying health conditions group, the type of health condition will guide whether they will be given a flu jab, the Covid booster, or both vaccines.

Details on who is eligible for these vaccinatio­ns and when they can expect an invitation are available via https://www.nhsinform. scot/

Tom added:“boosters will be offered to many of the groups who routinely have the flu vaccine to protect people from both illnesses.

“To support this, we are ensuring those most vulnerable are vaccinated first.

“Everyone who is eligible will be offered a vaccinatio­n.

“If you haven’t received your appointmen­t letter yet, please be patient.

“You do not have to do anything now – you will be contacted, notifying you of your appointmen­t.

“When offered vaccinatio­ns we would encourage people to take these up.

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