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‘Turn down’ heating plea


Just over half of Lanarkshir­e’s homes are heated to the same temperatur­e as Barbados.

That’s why a new“wear Warm” awareness campaign is calling on 338,000 households in the region to “Turn Down”the heating amid the current energy crisis.

Findings from Utilita Energy revealed almost half of the nation’s homes are heated to 24 degrees centigrade for half the year – the same temperatur­e as the Caribbean island.

Now a nationwide campaign is urging 13 million UK households not to heat their homes any higher than 21 degrees and consider other ways to get cosy instead.

Based on 48 per cent of the UK’S homes being heated to three degrees higher than the recommende­d healthy heat (18-to-21 degrees), there is an additional 13 million tonnes of CO? emissions each year.

That is the same pollution generated by around seven million cars each year – 20 per cent of the UK’S cars.

In Lanarkshir­e, 50 per cent of the county’s households are guilty of overheatin­g their homes, which creates the same pollution as a car travelling 67 million miles.

Anyone keen to cut their heating bills can get hold of some pre-loved winter garments – and keep them out of landfill. The average annual saving for homes reducing their thermostat by three degrees is £174; that’s a £2.32 billion annual saving for those who are currently overheatin­g nationally, and £59 million for households in Lanarkshir­e.

Bill Bullen from Utilita Energy said: “We’re confident that our simple and effective message will have a positive impact on the pockets of bill payers this winter.”

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