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Remote working concerns foryouths


Young profession­als and students in Monklands have greater concerns about the rise of remote working than their senior counterpar­ts, according to a new report from an employer branding specialist.

Universum’s annual Most Attractive Employers report, which surveyed over 18,000 people in the UK, suggests in the wake of the pandemic and Brexit, a remote-working “leadership gap” could contribute to future skills shortages as junior and senior profession­als have different views on being out of the office.

The number of senior profession­als with no concerns about working remotely is almost double that of younger workers (23 per cent to 12 per cent) and while 79 per cent of all profession­als were interested in remote working, the data leans in favour of senior profession­als.

Visit https:// universumg­ rankings/united-kingdom/ to find out more.

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