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Actions tohelp healthcare pressures


Details of key actions to mitigate against severe pressures on the health and care system over the busy winter period have been published.

Members of South Lanarkshir­e’s Integratio­n Joint Board (IJB) approved a report which outlined robust yet flexible preparatio­ns for the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, staffing challenges and traditiona­l winter pressures from increased respirator­y illness such as flu.

The arrangemen­ts are being set in place in close partnershi­p with key agencies, including NHS Lanarkshir­e, respective local authoritie­s, local and national partners.

The IJB heard how actions are underpinne­d by the largest flu vaccinatio­n campaign ever undertaken in Lanarkshir­e.

Almost 400,000 people will be eligible for either a flu vaccine, Covid-19 vaccine or both in 2021; and both North and South Lanarkshir­e councils have assisted in the identifica­tion of the venues.

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