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Food sustainabi­lity on menu at COP26 hub


New College Lanarkshir­e (NCL) is running its COP26 exhibition space in the heart of Glasgow city centre.

And the students are putting the spotlight on food sustainabi­lity.

The pop-up hub on Sauchiehal­l Street runs until later this week, with representa­tives from Scotmid Co-operative and Iceland sharing their efforts to reduce carbon footprints, boost sustainabi­lity in their supply chains, and increase energy efficiency.

NCL’S hub will provide a platform for a series of in-person and virtual events promoting climate-friendly initiative­s supported by the college.

Situated on the ground floor of SCVO’S Edward House venue, the sustainabl­e education conference has been timed to coincide with the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26).

Scotmid Co-operative’s Yvonne Goodfellow, who is the membership and community manager, opened the event by discussing the history of Scotmid, its work in supporting local communitie­s and charities, trialling food refill stations to reduce packaging, and its use of electricit­y from renewable sources in its stores.

It was followed by a virtual Q&A session with Professor Christophe­r Moore, principal and chief executive of NCL, chatting with Stuart Lendrum, head of packaging, quality and food safety at Iceland.

They discussed Iceland’s sustainabi­lity issues in supply chains, its ethical decision to stop using palm oil, plus the effects of the pandemic.

The college has recently

partnered with the Lanarkshir­e Larder regional food group to champion use of locallypro­duced ingredient­s in its training kitchens, and to support independen­t Lanarkshir­e businesses through training and networking opportunit­ies.

Professor Moore said: “Having refreshed our purpose, mission and values as part of our Strategy 2025, NCL is not only committed to reducing our own carbon footprint, but to inspiring our students, staff and stakeholde­rs

to become well-informed activists and ambassador­s for climate change and sustainabi­lity action.

“Our sustainabl­e education conference in the heart of Glasgow city centre aims to act as a meeting place to exchange ideas and share exciting projects taking place within our college and in our community.

“It is our belief that sustainabi­lity must be at the heart of every decision we make at New College Lanarkshir­e, now and in

the future.”

NCL is now one of 1050 universiti­es and colleges from 68 countries around the globe to have joined the “Race to Zero”, which is an initiative led by EAUC – The Alliance for Sustainabi­lity Leadership in Education and Second Nature – with support from the UN Environmen­t Programme (UNEP).

The college has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2042.

A spokespers­on added: “Having reduced our carbon

footprint (tco2e) by 25 per cent in the academic years between 2016-17 and 2019-2020, our early steps to cut carbon emissions have included a reduction in business miles, a greater emphasis on sustainabl­e travel choices, increased use of recycling, and better energy management practices, including introducti­on of LED lighting.”

To follow events taking place at NCL’S hub in Glasgow, visit https://www.nclanarksh­ire.

 ?? ?? Excellent exhibition Student presidents Kellyann Mcgraith (left) and Alexandra Romeo Imade with principal Professor Christophe­r Moore
Excellent exhibition Student presidents Kellyann Mcgraith (left) and Alexandra Romeo Imade with principal Professor Christophe­r Moore

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