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- Method


■ 700g diced lamb

■ ½ cup plain yogurt

■ 1 tbsp anchovy paste ■ 1 star anise

■ 1 cinnamon stick

■ 2 cloves

■ 10 black peppercorn­s ■ 2 cups of red wine

■ 2 red peppers

■ 3tbsps olive oil

■ 1tbsp balsamic vinegar ■ 1 cup veg stock

■ 1tbsp honey

Wet spice ingredient­s

■ 2 medium onions

■ 5 cloves garlic

■ 1 tbsp curry powder ■ 2 tsp turmeric

■ 2 sprigs rosemary

■ 2 tbsps chopped mint ■ 1tsp paprika

■ 1 red chilli 1. Marinate the lamb in the anchovy paste and yogurt (preferably overnight). 2. Roast the red peppers (deseeded) with one tbsp olive oil and balsamic vinegar for around 30 minutes, then put in a blender with the red wine and stock (I tend to do this the previous day as it’s another job done).

3. In a large frying pan, heat the remaining 2tbsp olive oil and fry the cinnamon, cloves, peppercorn­s and star anise to enable the oil to become fragrant. Remove the ingredient­s from the pan and start frying the lamb in the yogurt marinade. You may need extra olive oil. 4. Then add the wet spice mix to the pan and fry a little more.

5. Add the red pepper and wine mixture and let cook over a low heat for two hours until the lamb is tender. 6. The gravy will reduce; if it is becoming too dry add some water.

7. Take the lamb out of the pan and blend the gravy to a smooth consistenc­y.

8. Add the lamb back into the pan, season and add the honey.

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