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W/D take no chances after C ovid hits U18s


Waysiders/drumpellie­r say a ‘safety first’ policy forced a postponeme­nt of their Tennent’s West League 2 clash at Paisley after some under-18 players tested positive for Covid.

But while general manager Gerry Brankin says it was the right call, he is concerned about a fixtures pile-up at the end of the season.

Under-18 players at the Langloan club train with the first-team, and while none of the senior players were directly affected, Brankin says it wasn’t worth the risk.

He said: “everybody’s just supercauti­ous with this just now, you’re better being safe than sorry, so we just decided the best thing to do was to pull the game.

“It’s disappoint­ing, but you need to take the‘safety first’ approach.

“It has still been happening quite a bit, a number of games have been called off because of it, not just ourselves.

“We did manage to get our over-40s out – W/D 40s – because none of them trained!

“They played against the Glasgow Raptors, their all-inclusive side in Glasgow, and the 40s won quite comfortabl­y.

“I think the Raptors are a team that enjoy playing rugby but aren’t at the highest skill level.”

Drumpellie­r are bottom of the 10-team West League 2 table, with minus-one point following a deduction for not fulfilling a fixture,.

They have only played five times this season, while some rivals have managed nine.

That’s a concern for Brankin, who says they need to get games played, and points on the board.

“We’re still training and trying to get the games on, but we haven’t played for a while,” he said.

“We’ve only played five games and now have the internatio­nal break, so that means we haven’t got a game until November 27 now.

“It is what it is, but I think we’re still going to be playing in June next year, because fixtures are backing up, but we’re doing our best to get out there.

“We need some wins on the board as well; we’ve already been docked points for having to pull a game when we didn’t have enough players to field a team.

“So some wins would be good.”

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