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Warning over zig zag line parking at schools


Drivers parking on zig zag lines outside schools in North Lanarkshir­e could soon face a fine and an endorsemen­t on their licence.

Currently the road markings outside schools are only advisory but a council motion raised back in December 2019 stated that regulation­s be introduced so that the ‘Keep Clear’ lines would become enforceabl­e in a similar fashion to double yellows.

The new proposals would restrict parking on school zig zag markings seven-days-aweek, 24-hours-a-day.

And, where possible, would include the provision of zig zags on both sides of the road at school entrances.

Introducti­on of the road safety measure would see irresponsi­ble drivers facing a financial penalty and three penalty points.

Following the motion two years ago, a Road Safety Working Group was set up and a consultant appointed to progress a draft Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) required to implement enforceabl­e zig zag lines at schools in North Lanarkshir­e.

The enforcemen­t is expected to come in three phases. The first phase will include a total of 26 schools that already have zig zag provisions in place with no changes required.

The second phase would be implemente­d at a further 74 school locations which already have zig zags in place, but changes would be required at each of them to comply with current regulation­s.

The third phase would involve introducin­g zig zags at 38 schools which don’t already have them.

That would include the following schools in the Airdrie area: the road markings would have to be introduced outside Airdrie Academy, Mavisbank School, St Margaret’s High, Tollbrae Primary, St Edward’s Primary, All Saints’ Primary, Devonview Family Learning Centre, and the shared Plains Primary/st David’s Primary campus.

And in the Coatbridge area: Willowbank School, Coatbridge High, Sikeside Primary, the shared campuses at Buchanan High/ St Ambrose High and Glenboig Primary/ Our Lady & St Joseph’s, as well as St Kevin’s Primary in Bargeddie are all currently without any zig zags situated on the roads outside.

Statutory consultati­on is required as part of the TRO process.

It is expected that all consultati­on for the schools in Phase 1 will be concluded by next month.

Consultati­ons for those in Phases 2 and 3 should be concluded by March 2022 and June 2022 respective­ly.

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