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Project bright sparks scoop energy award


An improvemen­t programme for council houses across North Lanarkshir­e has been recognised at Scotland’s energy efficiency awards.

The scheme by the local authority and contractor Pro-cast includes insulating lofts and cavity and extension walls, plus roofing and rendering to save tenants money on bills; while renewable technologi­es are being used including installing solar panels to further improve energy efficiency.

It was named large-scale project of the year at the recent ceremony – and the authority is now working on further innovation­s to help reduce fuel poverty and benefit the environmen­t as part of the four-year, £35m project.

North Lanarkshir­e is piloting single-room heat recovery fans in homes in the Pather area of Wishaw, which save energy by fresh and ventilated air which has been pre-warmed by extracting and using heat from stale air.

Council officials say: “It’s hoped that, if successful, the scheme will be rolled out to all our properties in the future.”

The authority – which also works with contractor­s Ailsa and GMG on the efficiency project – is also looking into the option of battery units which help store energy during summer for heating homes in the winter months.

Service delivery manager Gerry Mcwilliams told the Advertiser: “We’re delighted that the rollout of our excellent energy efficiency measures are recognised at this level, which shows we’re leading the way in putting our environmen­t and local communitie­s first.

“Our projects not only help tenants heat their homes but are also helping reduce fuel poverty in North Lanarkshir­e; and the measures we’re taking also go a long way to helping us meet Scottish Government standards and contribute to making Scotland carbon-free.

“We’re committed to using the latest technology and are set to invest a further £63m over the next five years in a range of measures putting our environmen­t and local communitie­s first.”

Kirstie Adams of Pro-cast told us: “We have a long and establishe­d working relationsh­ip with the council and by working together, homes are now being retrofitte­d to the highest standards to include insulation, solar panels and heat recovery ventilatio­n. More recently we’ve identified the potential for installing battery storage units to complement solar panels, which has the potential to make these homes self-sufficient in the production, storage and usage of energy.

“[This would] potentiall­y reduce energy bills and assist the council and the Scottish Government to hit targets of net zero carbon.”

 ?? ?? Environmen­t comes first The council has fitted solar panels to properties
Environmen­t comes first The council has fitted solar panels to properties

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