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Guardians are real Marvel for gamers

Guardians of the Galaxy ●●●●●


When James Gunn took on the mantle of making the Guardians of the Galaxy film, he couldn’t have expected it to go so well, with it being one of the best-loved movies in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Fast-forward seven years and Eidos-motreaul and Square Enix have done something similar in that this is now the benchmark for Marvel games after the disappoint­ing Avengers, because this is just awesome.

Guardians of the Galaxy is everything it should be and the decision to make it a single player story mode only and give it no multiplaye­r element like in Avengers was brilliant. The game, from the very off, has the same retro nostalgic feel to it as the films and the soundtrack is amazing.

From the start, the gang are in their early days of being together and have only just had Drax the Destroyer and Gamora join the crew of the Milano but fans need to remember that this is more in line with the comic-book and not those played by Chris Pratt and co.

The game looks great and the character design and locales are incredible at points but, despite a little texture pop-in and some glitchy scenery, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

So get your headset on and gear up for some of the best tunes you’ve not heard for a while and the best gameplay you’ll encounter this year.

Enjoy the hilarity and excellence of Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Ready to rumble The Guardians of the Galaxy

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